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Spice up your daily menu with green vegetables. Kale, broccoli, spinach, parsley, dill, sprouts are low in calories, contain a lot of vitamin C and magnesium.

Various colors of vegetables and fruits delight the eyes, affect the aesthetic sense, but also have a beneficial effect on he alth, confirmed by research. There are different advantages behind each of them.

Green vegetables win

Greenvegetablessuch as kale, broccoli, spinach, parsley, dill, sprouts contain a lot ofvitamin Candmagnesium . They are low in calories. They also provide valuable yellow, orange and red pigments from the carotenoid group. The color given by carotenoids, however, is masked with chlorophyll - a green dye that supports the body's cleansing processes. Chlorophyll creates strong connections with some toxic compounds (including some carcinogens) - thanks to this, less harmful compounds reaches the body's tissues. It helps to refresh your breath. It has an antioxidant effect. Natural medicine considers it to be an ingredient conducive to the renewal of the body, supports the liver, treatment of anemia and soothes inflammation.

Green vegetables in the kitchen

During the preparation of food, chlorophyll changes, which affect its color. The intensity of these changes can be reduced by shortening the cooking time (the vegetables should be thrown into boiling water) and by leaving the pan uncovered in the initial stage of cooking. The best source of chlorophyll, however, is fresh green leafy vegetables. In the autumn-winter period, they can be replaced with sprouts, parsley or algae. Wheatgrass provides significant amounts of chlorophyll.

Spinach - eat it for he alth!

You must do it

You can grow wheatgrass at home: sprinkle a layer of soil on a tray, spread the seeds on it and cover it with a layer of soil about 1 cm thick. Water the crop daily. Cut the shoots when they are 10-12 cm tall. Then they are rich enough in chlorophyll and are perfect for making juice.

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