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The Hospital Emergency Department (abbreviation - HED) is equipped with specialized equipment that allows you to perform virtually any urgent life-saving surgery. Those who need immediate medical attention should be sent to the HED. Unfortunately, there are often people whose problems should be solved by the local clinic.

Hospital Emergency Department(or in shortHED)should save people whose lives are in danger - their he alth suddenly deteriorated or have had an accident. Both specialized and highly qualified medical staff as well as the ward's equipment are subordinated to this task. The Hospital Emergency Department should not be a primary he alth care clinic or a specialist clinic, and unfortunately it is often treated by patients.


  1. Hospital Emergency Department - what does it do?
  2. Hospital Emergency Department - structure

Hospital Emergency Department - what does it do?

In the Emergency Department, initial segregation and qualification of patients is performed, all activities stabilizing the patient's vital functions are performed, and the direction of further diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is determined. Doctor on duty in the emergency department:

  • performs initial diagnostics
  • decides to start treatment to the extent necessary to stabilize the vital functions of people who are in a state of sudden he alth threat
  • provides, if necessary, immediate sanitary transport to the nearest he althcare facility providing other he althcare services.

Hospital Emergency Department - structure

  • the area of ​​medical segregation and admissions, where the patient is registered and admitted, as well as the choice of emergency treatment procedures, moreover, information is provided to the families of the victims
  • observation room where patients with less severe symptoms and patients after surgery under short general anesthesia are observed
  • resuscitation and treatment room equipped with specialized medical equipment that allows you to perform activities in the field of restoring and maintaining basic life activities
  • consultation rooms where specialist medical consultations are provided
  • sanitary transport.

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