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On a summer holiday trip, we must take a well-equipped first aid kit with us. What medications and supplies should be in the first aid kit prepared for the holidays?

Even inholidayswe may experience some illness or injury. When away from home, it can be very difficult to find an antidote for minor ailments quickly. That is why it is so important to take a small but well-stocked first aid kit with you on vacationfirst aid kit .

First aid kitis an integral part of travel luggage. It should contain basic drugs and special drugs, appropriately selected for the country and place to which we are going.

It should be remembered that every more serious case of the disease, be it an adult or a child, should be reported to a doctor in order to avoid serious complications. Therefore, before leaving, make a note of a few addresses where we will be able to use professional medical assistance.

In everyfirst aid kityou need some stomach ailments. Travel diarrhea can happen not only during a trip to warm countries. As a preventive measure, we should gradually introduce a local diet and avoid eating raw foods.

However, when poisoning happens to us, healing charcoal will be irreplaceable. In this case, you cannot regret it. Adults should take even ten tablets, children up to five.

Medicines in the first aid kit for wounds and bruises

Another essential article isdressings- sterile compresses, plasters with dressings, bandage, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol, iodine, as well as agents for bruises and sprains or ointments to reduce edema. Painkillers are also essential.

A gel for bruises, contusions or pain after exercise, such as arnica gel, may also be useful. The substances contained in the arnica extract have a protective effect on blood vessels, reduce the permeability of the capillary walls, and have anti-swelling properties. The use of preparations containing arnica (e.g. gels) early enough can prevent or significantly reduce the symptoms, accelerate the absorption of ecchymoses, tissue damage and bruises.

It is best to reach for a homeopathic medicine that hasfresh plant extract, which guarantees a higher concentration of active substances acting on the symptoms of bruises. It is also worth paying attention to whether a homeopathic medicine contains a whole plant extract, as there are more active substances in such a preparation.

It is important that the preparation is in the form of a gel. The form of a gel, not an ointment, allows the product to be absorbed faster and deeper and does not leave a greasy residue.

It is best to have such a preparation always with you, especially if you have a tendency to bruise. Applying arnica gel to the skin immediately after bruising significantly reduces the risk of bruising and accelerates the absorption of those that appear.

First aid kit for a trip to the tropics

The situation is completely different when we go to tropical countries. Then it is a good idea to consult an infectious disease doctor before leaving.

He will give us information on compulsory and recommended vaccinations and give us practical advice on how to protect ourselves against local diseases. For this, it will be necessary to purchase the necessary pharmacological agents.

In the case of a car trip, thefirst aid kitshould include: gauze dressing, bandage, elastic net for dressing, bandage plaster, triangular scarf, mask for artificial respiration, hydrogen peroxide, latex gloves disposable, safety pin, isopropyl alcohol wipes, scissors.

In addition, it is worth ensuring that the car is equipped with a safety hammer for breaking the glass - with an attachment for cutting belts, as well as a neck stiffening collar and a warning light flare.

Even on vacation in a warm country, we can catch a cold. So we have to take cold and fever remedies and immunity-boosting medications. It is worth taking something to gargle a sore throat and lozenges.

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