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Yoga exercises for back pain will be useful to anyone who complains about discomfort in the spine area. You sit for eight hours at work and then at home you rest in front of the TV screen? Do you drive a lot by car? Your spine will soon claim its rights. Yoga exists to relieve you of back pain. Which back yoga asanas are effective?

Yogais a remedyfor backache . Why? Because it strengthens and relaxes your tense back at the same time. Weakback and abdominal musclesmake our defenseless spine difficult for us. Yoga helps to get rid of pain and is also a great prevention. It is known: prevention is better than cure!

It's best to just enroll in a yoga course, because virtually all asanas (yoga poses) have a beneficial effect on the spine. However, if this is not possible, try a few simple exercises to strengthen and massage it.

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Yoga for back pain - how to prepare?

Dress lightly, so that the outfit does not restrict your movements, have two blankets and a chair ready. Note: If your back pain is severe, then don't do any exercises. To reduce any discomfort you feel, you first need to 'lengthen' the collapsed torso and pull out the spine well. This will help restore the correct alignment of the vertebrae. Therefore, in all exercises for the spine, pay attention to the maximum stretching of the front and back of the body.

You will achieve the best results by exercising several times a week (e.g. every other day). You will not only strengthen your back, but also massage the abdominal organs, which will allow them to function more efficiently.

Yoga for back pain - watch the exercise video:

Yoga poses (asanas) for back pain

  • Balasana (baby pose)Kneel on the blanket, join your big toes together, sit on your heels. Move your knees apart so that your torso can fit between them, then lean forward. Rest your forehead on the blanket, straighten your arms. Pressing your buttocks firmly against your heels, stretch your arms as far forward as possible. Stay like this for a minute, stretching all the time. Once you get into practice, you can extend this exercise.
  • Bharadvajasana IPlace two evenly folded blankets approximately 30 cm from the wall.Sit on them with your feet on the right side: your right foot should lie on top of your left. Inhale, pull your torso up. Use your right hand to grab your left knee and place your left hand on the wall. With the inhale, pull yourself upwards, with the exhalation, twist your torso. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds, then move your legs over to the other side.
  • Bharadvajasana on the chairSit on the chair sideways, deep enough for the chair seat to support most of your thigh. Extend your right hand and grasp the back of the chair, put your left hand on the back as well. Inhale, pull your spine up, while exhaling, twist. Do this exercise for one minute, then switch sides.
  • Maricyasana IIISit on the blankets with your legs straight. Bend your left leg, make your calf perpendicular to the floor, point your toes forward. Breathe out, rest your right elbow on the outside of your left thigh. Move your left hand to the wall. As you stretch and twist, hold the asana for a minute, then repeat it the other way.
  • PasasanaCrouch with your heels on the eight-folded blanket. Put your feet together. Put your left hand on the wall, put your right elbow below your left knee. Extend yourself upwards with the inhale, twist with the exhalation. Feel the twist even in your lower back, and after a minute switch sides.

If you find it difficult to complete an asana or feel uncomfortable in the pose, yoga blocks can help - these are plastic, wooden, or cork blocks that act as a support and make it easier for less stretched people to exercise.

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