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See simple exercises for the lumbar spine developed by a Russian surgeon. Performing them regularly can save you from back surgery! The entire training takes only 15 minutes and is not tiring. Watch the Russian doctor's lower back pain exercises video.

Meet the proven way of the Russian doctor Vadim Tanasiev to prevent and relieve back pain. A specialist shows a set of 11 exercises that you can easily perform at home. You don't need any additional tools - all you need is an exercise mat or a blanket to lie down comfortably on.

How does the Russian surgeon's exercises work?

The 15-minute workout presented by the Russian doctor is really easy to perform - which does not mean that it is not very effective! Although the movements are very slow and require almost no effort, they mobilize the spine, improve its mobility and flexibility. At the same time, they strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back and hands.

The exercises of the Russian surgeon are the most helpful for those who experience periodic recurrent backaches caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. They can also be performed by those who do not feel pain yet, but want to prevent it.

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If you have any spine defects or have been experiencing severe back pain that has lasted for a long time, do not exercise on your own! Before undertaking any activity, consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

See exercises developed by a Russian surgeon in the video

How to do the exercises of the Russian surgeon?

Lie on your back on the exercise mat. Extend your arms and place them alongside your body. Then do the following exercises in order:

  1. Move your feet alternately - pointing your toes towards you and away from you.
  2. Bend your legs alternately by pulling your feet towards the buttocks.
  3. Slowly raise one leg, sometimes the other, vertically upwards. Keep your legs straight and your toes upturned.
  4. Bend both legs at the knees and rest your feet on the ground. While lifting the bent leg, touch the opposite knee with your foot. Work alternately.
  5. Keep the starting position from the previous exercise. Keep your feet apart slightly pointing your toes outward. Put your bent legs on the floor side by side. The torso is to remain still!
  6. Bend your knees and bring one leg, then the other, to your stomach. As soon as it is pulled in, put your hands around your leg and press lightly for 3 seconds.
  7. With your knees bent, bring both joined legs to your stomach. As you pull in, wrap your hands around your knees and press lightly for a few seconds.
  8. Straighten and spread your arms to your sides. While twisting your torso, touch one hand with the other, lying on the floor - so that your fingers are pinched together. Don't take your heels off the ground! Exercise alternately.
  9. Go to the position on all fours. Move your knee inward towards the opposite hand. Work alternately.
  10. Stay on all fours, stretch your legs backwards straightening them at the knees. You don't have to lift them high.
  11. In the all-fours position, lift your leg by pulling it backwards and the opposite arm to the front. Leg and arm should be parallel to the ground. Then lower the limbs and repeat the same over the other side.
  12. Staying on all fours, bend your spine upwards (making what is called a cat's back) and then lower it downwards.

Repeat the entire training every few days. You can feel the positive effects of exercise after the first training session, but the long-term improvement will only come when you exercise systematically for several weeks.

How do you feel after training? Write in the comment whether the exercises of the Russian surgeon worked for you.

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