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Should you visit a cardiologist? Diseases and defects of the cardiovascular system have serious he alth consequences. They can even lead to death. Even the smallest symptoms should not be ignored, so take our test and find out if you should see a specialist.

Cardiology deals with diseases and defects of the heart (congenital and acquired) and of the circulatory system. It is currently one of the key areas of medicine, as cardiovascular diseases are at the forefront of the list of the most common causes of death in developed countries.

Symptoms of heart disease may come on suddenly or slowly over the years. Heart diseases are among those that we bring on ourselves in most cases. It is because stress hurts the heart, especially if it is frequent and prolonged. A bad diet, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, an excess of various stimulants (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) also contribute to heart disease.

The most common diseases treated by a cardiologist include:

  • acute or chronic heart failure (which may result in myocardial infarction)
  • vascular diseases (coronary artery disease, hypertension),
  • Congenital and acquired valve defects (after endocarditis or myocarditis)
  • primary or secondary cardiomyopathies
  • arrhythmias (artymie)
  • congenital heart defects
  • myocarditis (bacterial - mainly streptococcal, viral, rheumatic disease)

Answer the following questions and see if you have any troubling cardiovascular symptoms. Is it time to visit a cardiologist?

If we observe one of these symptoms, we should see a cardiologist. One follow-up visit per year is recommended after the age of 40. The doctor will auscultate the heart through a stethoscope and should also check the pulse. When the heart is working properly, the heart rate is around 70 beats per minute. You should have your blood pressure measured once or twice a year. After 40, also check the cholesterol level once a year, the least frequently - once every three years.

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