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Callanetics is one of the most effective exercises ever invented. The first effects are visible after two weeks of regular exercise, because 1 hour spent on callanetics is the equivalent of 20 hours of aerobics!

Each callanetics class consists of a warm-up, abdominal, leg, hip and stretching exercises combined with relaxation exercises, thanks to which your muscles become more flexible and your skin tighter, without the consequences of extensive muscle tissue.

Callanetics: exercise effects

The effect that can be seen after 10 hours of exercise is a significant improvement in posture and better well-being. The figure becomes slender and the whole body looks younger - it is not without reason that callanetics is said to "take away" years. These exercises beautifully shape the abdomen, slim the thighs and lift the buttocks, and most of all eliminate cellulite.

Many people choose this method because of the quick slimming effects. However, you should know that callanetics does not guarantee rapid weight loss, it only increases metabolism and reduces the tendency to accumulate fat mass, and exercise strengthens muscles and thus the appearance of the figure changes. As a result, after several dozen hours of exercise, you can successfully fit into clothes smaller by up to 2 sizes! It happens that the weight of a person exercising callanetics stands still for many weeks, although it is clearly visible that the abdomen and thighs are slimmer.

A series of strengthening exercises improve muscle flexibility and coordination. During one session, the muscles are warmed up, strengthened and stretched, which prevents excessive development of muscle tissue, and regular training increases strength and energizes.

Callanetics exercise also strengthens the endometrial muscles, which is why they can be helpful in relieving the effects of menopause and increasing the level of libido.

When are the effects of the exercises visible?

The advantage of callanetics is that the effects of the exercises are very fast. After the first few hours, you can see the results on the abdomen and thighs. But a clear change in appearance will be noticeable after 10 hours.

There is only one condition that must be met in order to achieve the intended goal: accuracy. Each exercise must be done with care and prescribeda force that tightens the muscles. It's a good idea to take a picture of your figure every few workouts - this will help keep you motivated to continue exercising.

He alth benefits of callanetics

1. Callanetics is based on isometric exercises which, unlike cardio training (such as jogging or aerobics), mainly focus on strengthening the muscles by flexing them for a certain number of seconds. It is worth knowing that rehabilitation exercises are also constructed based on isometric principles.

2. Callanetics not only firms the abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs, but also increases the overall efficiency of the body.

3. The original assumption of callanetics was to improve body posture and relieve the spine. Callan Pinckney, the author of the method, arranged the exercises with the aim of reducing back pain. Their advantage is that, unlike other exercises, they are safe and practically do not cause injuries.

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