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Will you take up the monthly plank challenge? Training every day will take from 15 seconds to 5 minutes - it's very short, so it will be difficult for you to get out of exercise by lack of time. You have a choice between beginners and advanced.


  1. The plank challenge - what is it about?
  2. Plank challenge - training plan for beginners
  3. Plank challenge - advanced training plan

The plank challengewill allow you to enjoy a better figure after 30 days. A flatter stomach and full body strengthening is the best recommendation for a plank challenge.

Plank (called a board) is an isometric exercise, seemingly very simple, but it will give a fire to anyone who is just starting to train. The basic position of the board is the front support on the forearms - it looks like a stationary pump. It can be modified and made difficult depending on the advancement of the exercising person.

The plank challenge for beginners is based on the basic position, with the main difficulty being to regularly increase the practice time. The advanced training plan is based on several versions of the plan.

The plank challenge - what is it about?

The plank challenge is a decision that for 30 days each day (in addition to the days for rest planned in the schedule) you make a plank and systematically extend the exercise time. On the last day, you try to stay in the 5-minute position - it's quite a long time, but the effort is worth the strengthened, nicely sculpted abdominal muscles and better well-being.

Before you start training, be sure to warm up for a while to prepare your body for exercise and prevent back pain. At the beginning, make the warm-up even longer than the actual exercise.

Watch the video: Short warm-up before training

Also, make sure you use the correct plank technique - don't bend your torso up or down. The legs, torso and head should form a straight line. Pull in and tighten your abdomen tightly, focus on tensing the muscles of your thighs and biceps, because these parts work the most in this exercise.

Plank challenge - training plan for beginners

The goal is to stay in the plank position for 5 minutes. You have 30 days to complete this task - that's enough to doyou managed to achieve it.

On the first day, start with 15 seconds and systematically extend the exercise. Do not forget to rest after 6 days of training - the body must have time to regenerate and improve its form.

day 1day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6
15 s20 s30 s40 s45 s50 s
day 7day 8day 9day 10day 11day 12
break1 min1 min 15 sec1 min 30 sec1 min 45 sec2 min
day 13day 14day 15day 16day 17day 18
2 min 15 sec2 min 30 secbreak2 min 30 sec2 min 45 sec3 min
day 19day 20day 21day 22day 23day 24
3 min 15 sec3 min 30 sec3 min 45 secbreak3 min 45 sec4 min
day 25day 26day 27day 28day 29day 30
4 min 15 sec4 min 30 secbreak4 min 30 sec4 min 45 sec5 min!

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Plank challenge - advanced training plan

For those who managed to complete the beginner's challenge and are already able to "plan" for 5 minutes (even if they manage to do it intermittently, it is already a great success), we offer a more difficult and varied version of the exercise.

The Advanced Plank Challenge involves repeating the following set of exercises (in order) for the next month.

Exercise 1. Plank on straightened hands - 1 minute;

Exercise 2. Plank on arms bent at the elbows - 30 seconds;

Exercise 3. Plank on arms bent at the elbows with raised leg - 1a minute (30 seconds for each leg);

Exercise 4. Side plane - 1 minute (30 seconds on each side);

Exercise 5. Plank on straightened hands - 30 seconds;

Exercise 6. Plank on arms bent at the elbows - 1 minute.

Allow every sixth day to rest (train 5 days, rest 1 day).

Good luck!

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