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You will quickly reduce back pain by exercising regularly. You need to act in two ways: relax your back and strengthen the abdominal and spine muscles to create a natural corset that holds your spine in the right position. See a set of exercises to relax the back muscles using a fitness ball.

Try it outback loosening exercisesusing a fitness ball (fit ball)

We are to blame for most of theback problemsourselves. He is harmed by being overweight, walking in high heels, carrying shopping bags. He is not served by immobility or excessive physical exertion.Backsuffer when we sit for hours at the computer or in the car. No wonder the spine is rebelling. However, it doesn't have to be that way!

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Stress increases the tension in the back muscles

Although we often don't realize it, tiringback paincan be the result of prolonged stress. Emotional tensions bring about physical reactions - they increase the tension of the back muscles, and this promotes displacement within the disc and small paraspinal joints. As a consequence, pain occurs. In one experiment, back pain sufferers underwent psychotherapy such as is used in the case of neuroses. It turned out that the treatment results were amazing. Therefore, take care of your psychological comfort on a daily basis.

Advice on how to take care of your back every day

When backaches appear, it is a signal that it is high time to change your lifestyle and get rid of habits that have a disastrous effect on our "scaffolding". It's best to start with the simplest everyday activities - many of them can be done to protect your back:

  • when lifting something heavy, crouch first and then lift the object by straightening your legs;
  • while carrying shopping bags, evenly distribute the weight on both hands;
  • when washing your hair, do not bend over on straight legs, but kneel in front of the bathtub;
  • when washing, place the bowl higher.

Give your spine a good night's rest, sleeping on a medium-hard mattress. Always stand upright when you stand, sit, walk.

Back relaxation exercises

Strong and flexible musclesthe back and belly form a natural corset and keep the spine in the right position. The weaker the muscles, the greater the pressure on the cross and the intervertebral discs, and the faster the "wear" of the spine, especially its moving parts. Therefore, one of the first recommendations for back pain is proper exercise. Swimming and exercising in water as well as Nordic walking and Pilates are the best for the spine.

The fit ball gives great therapeutic effects - exercises with a ball over half a meter in diameter. They remove muscle tension, massage the spine, and relieve the joints. They also allow you to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining proper posture. You can practice at home - you can buy the ball in a sports store (also online) for about PLN 50; adjust its size to your height.

Exercises for the back: how often to exercise?

For the first 2-3 workouts, do one series of each exercise, from the 4th workout, start doing 2 series,

a from the 6th or 7th workout - 3 series each.

Try to exercise regularly, preferably 2-3 times a week.

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