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The effects of Nordic walking are not only weight loss and muscle strengthening. Walking with poles also has a beneficial effect on he alth - it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the spine, and relieves the joints. Check what sports and he alth effects you will get by regularly training Nordic walking.

Positiveeffects of Nordic walkingcan be observed after a few weeks of regular walking. The condition is regularity of training: their frequency should not be less than 3 training sessions a week (approx. 40-60 minutes each). It is important to use the correct technique of walking - proper use of the poles will relieve the joints and activate the most important parts of the muscles.

Check what results you can count on if you permanently include Nordic walking in your training plan.

1. Nordic walking effects: weight loss

One hour of Nordic walking training is 400 kcal less (120 kcal more than in the case of a regular walk without poles). Regular walking combined with a well-balanced diet will help you lose 5 kg in a month. Fat will begin to disappear from the abdomen, waist and thighs in the first place. Additionally, you will get rid of cellulite and make your skin firmer.

2. Nordic walking effects: increasing muscle strength

About 90% of the muscles of the whole body work when walking with poles. By comparison, jogging activates 60% of the muscles. Thanks to Nordic walking, you will not only strengthen your legs (as in the case of running), but also the shoulders, arms, back and stomach. This will enable the harmonious development of the entire figure and a sporty appearance without visible muscle sculpting.

3. The effects of Nordic walking: oxygenation of the body

Studies have shown that during Nordic walking training the body takes up 20% more oxygen than during a regular walk. Better oxygenation means better brain function and more energy every day. An additional advantage of marching is that it takes place in the open air, so oxygen uptake is even greater.

4. Nordic Walking Effects: Improving Stamina

If climbing the stairs to the third floor makes you breathless, after a month of Nordic walking training, you will have no problem with it. This sport is one of the cardio activities - and therefore work-increasinghearts. When walking dynamically with poles, the heart rate increases by 7-15 beats per minute, the heart muscle pumps more blood, thanks to which the entire circulatory system functions more efficiently.

5. The effects of Nordic walking: normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol levels

As a result of intense exercise, blood vessels dilate and excess water and s alt are removed from the body along with sweat - this process regulates blood pressure. Marching with sticks also lowers cholesterol. It is enough to train 3 times a week for about two months to change the proportion of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol.

6. Nordic walking effects: reducing back pain

Nordic walking increases the mobility of the upper spine and relieves muscle tension around the arms, shoulders and neck. It also helps to correct posture defects, because the body takes the most natural position for the spine during the walk. The poles used in training relieve the lower back and reduce pain in the loins.

7. The effects of Nordic walking: acceleration of metabolism and easier digestion

Every effort has a positive effect on the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body. The more you exercise, the better your body is at reducing extra kilos. It is the same for Nordic walking. Additionally, you can walk with the poles even after a heavy meal - exercise in the fresh air speeds up the work of the intestines and helps you burn calories faster.

8. Nordic walking effects: relieving the joints

When walking with poles, the pressure on the joints is 5-10 kg less than when walking without them. For this reason, Nordic walking is recommended to people suffering from rheumatism as a safe sport that relieves the symptoms of bone and joint pain. It can also be used as a complement to rehabilitation after various types of injuries. It is suitable for the elderly, obese and those with knee problems.

9. Nordic walking effects: relaxation and release of tension

Nordic walking helps you get rid of the tension that has accumulated throughout the day. It creates the opportunity to spend time actively with loved ones and fosters closer ties. Marching in a bigger company, in beautiful natural surroundings, is the best form of relaxation after a stressful day.

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