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Exercises for sagging skin on the abdomen are designed to burn fat, strengthen muscles and make the skin around the waist more elastic. By doing them regularly, at least three times a week, you will make your belly slimmer and firmer. Watch the video in which trainer Kasia Wanat shows a set of exercises for sagging abdominal skin.

Sagging skin on the abdomencan be eliminated withaerobic exercisesand strengthening exercises. The first ones are designed to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat accumulated around the waist. The second type of exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles and support the production of collagen - thanks to this, the skin on the abdomen will become firmer and more elastic.

Exercises for sagging belly skin - rules

The presented training consists of a warm-up with cardio exercises and strengthening exercises. Warming up should last about 5 minutes. The number of repetitions of each exercise should be determined individually depending on the level of training. For starters, it is a good idea to start with 10 repetitions, and then increase them by 2 each subsequent week

To accelerate the burning of belly fat, it is worth using additional interval training (e.g. using the Tabata method). They consist of alternating short periods of intense effort with short periods of rest or moderate effort. It has been proven that this type of exercise gives the best results in reducing body fat, especially around the thighs and abdomen.

Watch the video: A set of exercises for sagging skin on the arms

Exercises for sagging belly skin - warm-up

As part of the warm-up, do 10 repetitions of the above-mentioned exercises. You can also use them in interval training. Remember, however, that when deciding on this form of exercise, each exercise must be performed at 100% of your abilities.

Rompers with swinging hands

Make rompers by waving your arms once over your head and then joining your arms in front of you. Make sure you have the greatest possible range of motion. Maintain a consistently high pace.

Suicide jumps

Stand straight, do a squat by touching the ground with your hands, throw both legs backwards at the same time, go back to the squat, do a dynamic jump up. Make every movement smoothly, without stopping. Remember about a tense stomach.

Sprint in the support

Take the starting position as for a push-up (front support on straight arms, feet on toes, torso and legs in one line). Begin alternately bending your knees, pulling them towards your chest. Keep your back parallel to the floor and keep your abs.

After warming up, you can move on to abdominal strengthening exercises.

Watch the video, in which the personal trainer Kasia Wanat shows exercises to firm the skin on the abdomen

Exercises for sagging belly skin - crunches with raised legs

Lie on your back, straighten your legs and lift them up vertically. Perform intense abdominal pressures by lifting your shoulder blades and trying to touch your feet with your hands. Exhale when tense, inhale when relaxing. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, use additional weight - e.g. a plate or two dumbbells. Hold them in straightened hands and lift them up to make a short cut.

Exercises for sagging skin on the abdomen - tightening to a full seat

Sit on the floor, join the soles of your feet together, visit your knees outside. Lie on your back, put your arms behind your head, and then contract your abdomen by coming back to sit down and touching the floor in front of you.

Exercises for sagging belly skin - lifting legs with a load

Lie on your back, take a plate-like weight (or two dumbbells) into your hands and lift it vertically upwards on straight arms. Raise straightened legs up and lower them until the lumbar spine is still glued to the floor (the back should be flush with the ground). Don't bend your legs or lower them too low.

Exercises for sagging belly skin - ball and starfish

Take the ball position: sit on your buttocks, bend your knees and bring them to your chest with your hands, lift your feet a few centimeters above the ground. Then move to the starfish position: firmly contract your abdominal muscles and slowly, keeping your balance, tilt your torso back until your back is on the ground at the height of the shoulder blades. At the same time, gradually straighten your legs, extending them to the sides. Stay in this position for about 1-2 seconds and then go back to sitting up. Remember not to put your feet on the ground and keep your stomach tight.

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