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What training should you choose when you have a pear-shaped figure? Exercises should be varied, with the advantage of endurance training and lower training, because the pear figure is a silhouette with very rounded hips and large thighs in relation to the narrower waist. Check how to lose weight from the thighs and hip area with a pear figure and find out which exercises are best for this type of figure.

The figure of a pearis a body structure in which the hips, bottom and thighs are excessively fat, while the arms, chest and waist remain lean. The right type of training and well-chosen exercises can help a woman with a pear figure to compensate for body disproportions.

Diet is also a very important issue in maintaining a slim figure. It should be rich in vegetables, whole grains and valuable protein. You should also not forget about drinking water and proper hydration. This is very important, especially if the "pear" wants to lose weight from the thighs, because water cellulite may be the cause of fat deposition in the lower parts.

Learn the best exercises and training rules for women about the pear figure.

What training should a pear choose to lose weight?

To get rid of excess hip fat, you need to do light weight strength training with high repetitions. Strength training with high loads and few repetitions can add additional enlargement of the lower body.

However, strength training itself is a very good solution for women with a pear figure. It accelerates metabolism and burns more fat, and the more muscles in our body, the less fat in it. A large number of repetitions will ensure that the training will have the properties of burning excess fat - especially inside the muscles. This will help reduce the circumference of the thighs and hips.

The second type of workout a pear should choose is interval training. It will help speed up the metabolism, even up to a few days after the end of training. Intervals will also positively affect the quality of the skin - they make it firm and smooth, because they significantly improve blood circulation and oxygenate.

What exercises will help the pear lose weight from the thighs?

All exercises that involve you towork, the lower body will be appropriate for the figure of a pear, as it will help her lose weight from the thighs. Standard strength exercises will work well as well as strength exercises with the addition of aerobic exercise such as jumping and jumping.

  1. Lunges and lunges . Various variants of these exercises have a great effect on slender legs. If we choose small dumbbells and increase the intensity of training by adding lunges with jumping or reducing the maximum break time between sets, the effect of slimming pear thighs will come very quickly.
  2. Jumps . They can be performed alternately, it can be jumping rope, it can be jumps or jumps on one leg. Engaging the leg muscles in this way effectively burns lower body fat, sculpts the muscles and firms the skin.
  3. Leg Swings . Standing leg swings or on a mat firm them, reduce cellulite and make the legs look slimmer. It is an ideal exercise for a pear because it does not build up your muscles too much, but it makes your legs firmer and slender.
  4. Sprint . It is an excellent aerobic exercise, which in addition to interval training can work wonders on the lower body. It can significantly help the pear lose weight from the thighs and hip area.
  5. Scissors . When performed on the mat, they will have a great effect on both the legs and the abdominal muscles.
  6. Jump-ups . Jumping squats, as well as various leg jumps in the squat, will work perfectly well. These types of exercises are very intense and therefore burn and sculpt the muscles.
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Training rules for the figure of a pear

  1. Exercise strength, using a large number of repetitions, small breaks between sets and choose a small weight for the lower parts.This will make your figure slimmer, lose excess fat and significantly firms the skin by getting rid of cellulite.
  2. After training or on a separate day, exercise intervals . This will help you maximize your fat burning, especially when you choose interval training after strength training. The body more readily draws energy from free fatty acids when glycogen is used by our body during strength training.
  3. You can add aerobic training to your plan after weight training . This procedure will be used in the same way as performing intervals after a strength session.
  4. Choose exercises that use many muscle groups to work.This will help in relativelymake the body to exercise as much as possible in a short time, and at the same time burn excess fat from the thigh area.
  5. Move a lot.Use your legs to work whenever possible. Their movement will make you lose excess fat from the lower body. Instead of driving a car, choose to ride a bike or walk, switch from using elevators to climbing stairs, do not avoid housework and look for opportunities to move everywhere. Remember not to sit for too long, because when blood circulation is weaker, fatty tissue is more likely to be deposited in the lower body. So that the fat does not accumulate excessively on the bottom, hips and thighs, the pear should use them as often as possible at work.

How to equalize the disproportions of the figure in the figure of a pear?

If you try very hard, and yet the effects of losing weight in the lower body regions are small, you can optically compensate for any disproportions in your figure. Use strength exercises on the upper body to stimulate their growth. Then the proportions will align and you will get an hourglass figure (with proportional structure).

A figure of a pear can be made a big advantage. Many women dream of a round, firm butt, and the pear has it thanks to its genes. Strength and aerobic exercises will help tone her and give her a fuller shape.

You don't have to fight hard with your body type - proper training can make us proud of our figure. Thanks to exercises that build the muscles of the arms, especially the shoulders, we can improve the proportions in the figure. Exercises for the back, chest (e.g. women's push-ups) and exercises for breast enlargement will also be helpful. Thanks to the wider top and naturally wider bottom, we will optically slimmer the waist, and the pear figure will no longer be so visible. We will gain an athletic, feminine and proportional figure.

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Sample training for women about a pear figure

Do training in at least 3 circuits. Start with a few minutes of warm-up, e.g. walking, jogging, jumping jacks, squats. End your training session with stretching. Below you will find descriptions of the exercises.

ExerciseNumber of repetitions / duration
1.Jumping squat12
2.Lunges with a leg rising backwards12 each for the right and left legs
3.Diagonal laps12
4.Squat with leg rising to the side12 each for the right and left legs
5.Sprint20 seconds
6.Alternating lunges with jumping12
7.Jumping in the support20 seconds
8.Horizontal scissors20 seconds

1. Jumping squat

Stand slightly apart, tense your buttocks and gently lean forward, keeping your spine straight. Then do a light squat and jump up, landing again in the squat.

2. Lunges with a leg rising backwards

Lunge (forward), keeping the pelvis stabilized and the spine straight. Then shift your weight slightly forward, thereby lifting the back leg up. It should be as straight as possible, but don't push it too high. Do it so that you can feel your buttock work. Then come back to the standing - starting position.

3. Diagonal laps

Stand slightly apart and step back. The right leg should go diagonally to the left side, behind your hip, and the left leg to the right side.

4. Squat with a leg raised to the side

Stand slightly apart, do a squat and returning to the starting position, raise your extended leg to the side, approximately to hip height, and lower it to the ground by squatting again.

5. Sprint

Alternately raise your knees as high and as fast as possible, trying to get them closer to your chest.

6. Alternating Jumping Lunges

Perform a lunge and change the position of the legs while jumping up and down with the scissors. Start with your right leg in front and left leg in the top, changing order and landing on your left leg in front and right leg behind.

7. Jumping in the support

Make a support on straight hands and push them gently back so that the torso is above the mat. Then start jumping by bringing your feet closer and away, just like you would for jumping jacks.

8. Horizontal scissors

Lie on your back, put your hands under your buttocks, rest your shoulder blades on the mat, and keep your head low. Make alternating horizontal scissors. The legs should cross each other so that one is at the top and the other at the bottom.

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