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Have you had a caesarean section? Start exercising as soon as possible - even 2 days after giving birth for the first time. Non-forcing exercise after cesarean will strengthen your muscles and help you regain a flat stomach.

You may have doubts ifpost-cesarean exercisesare safe. We calm down: they are there and it is worth doing them.Exercisesin puerperiumafter cesareanaccelerate the contraction of the uterus, prevent the lowering of the uterus and vaginal walls, eliminate defecation disorders, help to return to the former figure faster.

Exercises after cesarean section - what are they about?

Post-cesarean exercisesare not typical stress exercises that we do in a gym or fitness club. They are much calmer and rely on a slight body movement. They include isometric exercises, i.e. strengthening the muscles by contracting and relaxing them, without changing their length.

When can you start exercising after cesarean section?

Simple and low-stress exercises after cesarean can be performed on the second day after delivery, of course, with the consent and knowledge of the doctor. At the beginning, the exercises are performed without leaving the bed, and the movements are very simple, e.g. bending the left leg, then the right leg lying down, squeezing a pillow in front of you. From the third day, you can gradually introduce abdominal and pelvic movements, for example, pulling the navel to the spine - however, these are still exercises consisting solely in contracting the muscles. You can start doing crunches a few weeks after the cesarean section.

Exercises for the stretch of the straight abdominal muscles (white line)

Exercises for a flat stomach after pregnancy

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For tips on exactly when and what to do exercises, see the gallery below.

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How to quickly get back on your feet after a caesarean section

Recovery aftercaesarean sectiontakes a little longer than after natural delivery. However, by doing the right thing, you can shorten this time. Just a few hours after your surgery, your midwife will help you get out of bed, take a few steps, take care of yourself, and shower. And then?

  • Make an effortwalk in the corridor as often as possible, even if you are having difficulty walking. Lying in bed is tempting, but taking walks will prevent fusion and improve bowel movement, making it easier for you to defecate.
  • Try to help yourself in caring for your baby, as carrying a baby may be painful.
  • Take care of the wound. The dressing will be removed in the first 24 hours after cutting. Immediately wash the wound with water and baby soap, then gently dry it with disposable towels - a clean wound will heal faster. Don't be afraid of damaging it.
  • For two weeks after the procedure, try to avoid tightening your abdominal muscles. Get out of bed slowly by rising slightly to a sitting position. Take these exercises slowly, and if you have difficulty with any of them, just don't do them.

    The exercises are presented by Wioletta Osiak-Maszewska.

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