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Hula hoop exercises are a great way to lose weight after pregnancy and slim the waist and hips. Thanks to regular training with the wheel, the stomach will become flat and the waist more emphasized. In addition, hula-hoop exercises are simple, pleasant and perfect for the period after childbirth, when you do not have time for complicated workouts.

Hula-hoop with or without insets ? Regardless of the type, the hula hoop is a very effective device that will help you get back in shape after giving birth. Maintaining the hoops around the hips requires intensive work of the abdominal muscles, which accelerates the burning of fat in this part of the body. It is especially important for women who want to quickly slim down their stomach and restore skin elasticity after pregnancy.

Additionally, hula-hoop will help in comprehensive training of the whole body. They can be successfully used, for example, as part of exercises for the buttocks and arms, which also need firming after pregnancy.

One hour of hula-hoop training allows you to burn 420 calories and visibly slim the body.

Which hula-hoop should I choose: with or without insets?

There are two types of hula hoop to choose from: with and without insets. Ordinary, without protrusions, is an expense of PLN 10. It's best to start your training with this one. It is important that the hula-hoop has a large diameter - the larger wheel is easier to spin. With time, when you get into practice, you can get a circle with a smaller diameter, which will increase the difficulty of training.

Another variant is a hula-hoop with special insets. On the inside, such a rim is covered with small protrusions that resemble the surface of a massage device. The task of the protrusions is to increase the slimming and firming effects of training.


Be careful with the studded hula hoop - although it is more effective, it has some serious drawbacks. It can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The protrusions and the greater weight of the hula hoop cause micro-injuries to form under the skin surface when twirling. People with weak muscles are primarily exposed to their formation. Exercise may bruise your stomach and back. What's more, regular abdominal "bruising" can negatively affect the condition of internal organs, incl. kidney disease, and result in serious future he alth problems.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of injury, start with a simple hula hoop, and then, when your muscles are stronger, consider buying a spiked wheel.

Hula hoop exercises after pregnancy

Here is a set of 5 hula hoop exercises that will not only help you burn belly fat, but also make your buttocks, thighs and arms firmer and slimmer.

1. Hula hoop exercise for a slim waist

Enter the circle and stand astride. Place your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Hold the hula hoop with both hands at waist level. Straighten up, pull your stomach in and bend your knees slightly. Start rotating your hips rhythmically in the desired direction, trying to keep the wheel up all the time. You can keep your hands up for better balance. Make 20 turns of the wheel and change the spin direction.

2. Hula hoop exercise for a flat stomach

Lie on your back. Place the hula hoop perpendicular to the ground so that the hoop is under the shoulder blades. Firmly grasp the wheel with both hands and bend your legs at a right angle. Contract your abdomen and, by tilting the wheel forward, lift your shoulders (exhale), then slowly return to the supine position (inhale). Repeat 15 times.

3. Hula hoop exercise for firm buttocks

Stand hip-width apart. Place the hula hoop in front of you, perpendicular to the ground. Place your right hand on the hoop, rest the other hand on your hip. Transfer your weight to your right leg by bending it slightly. Pull your stomach in and begin to slowly raise your left leg up to the side (to be straightened). Stay in this position for a while, then lower your leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

4. Hula hoop exercise for slim thighs​​

While spinning the hula hoop as in exercise 1, try to move the hoop down towards your knees and back up. This exercise will help you strengthen your stomach, thighs and buttocks at the same time.

5. Hula hoop exercise for shapely shoulders

While standing slightly apart, hook the hoop around your wrist. Then straighten one arm to the side so that it is parallel to the ground. Start spinning the hula hoop rhythmically around your wrist, then try to move the hoop towards your elbow and back. Repeat the exercise 20 times for each arm.

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