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Dates are fruits whose nutritional properties will be especially appreciated by athletes. Dates, both dried and raw, are a treasury of simple sugars, which are a source of energy during intense exercise, and also replenish the deficiency of glycogen and potassium in the body. In addition, dates will prevent atherosclerosis, alleviate the symptoms of menopause and help you deal with constipation. Check what other properties dates have and what vitamins and minerals are rich in.

Daktyleare the fruit of the date plant - the oldest fruit tree in the world, because it has been cultivated since prehistoric times. Currently, date plants are grown mainly in South-West Asia, North Africa and the South of the USA. A mature tree reaches up to 40 meters and has 40 clusters of fruit (about 30 dates each). Theirnutritional propertiesare especially appreciated by the inhabitants of Arab countries who call them the "bread of life" and the palm ( Phoenix dactylifera ) that gives them the "tree of life". No wonder - dates, bothdriedandfresh , are rich in fiber, numerous vitamins (especially vitamin B3), and minerals ( especially potassium), as well as antioxidants and salicylates that act like aspirin.

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However, according to the USDA National Nutrient Database, the content of individual nutrients in dates varies depending on the variety. For example, the most popular variety of dates - Deglet Noor - contains some (0.4 mg / 100 g) vitamin C and little more vitamin A (10 IU). In turn, the Medjool variety does not contain vitamin C at all, but it makes up for it with a large amount of vitamin A (149 IU) and vitamin B6 (0.249 mg / 100 g). In addition, Medjool has more calcium (64 mg / 100 g) and magnesium (54 mg / 100 g) than Deglet Noor (39 mg / 100 g and 43 mg / 100 g respectively), but contains less folic acid (15 µg / 100 g). g).


  1. Dates will protect against atherosclerosis and hypertension
  2. Dates - nutritional values ​​
  3. Dates - preservatives in dried dates
  4. Dates for constipation and more
  5. Dates - where to buy fresh and dried dates?
  6. Dates - use in the kitchen
  7. Daktyle and diabetes
  8. Dates - contraindications
  9. Dates for athletes
  10. Dates will soothe your nerves

Dates will protect against atherosclerosis, blood clots and hypertension

Dates protect against the accumulation of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, argue scientists from the medical center. Maimonides (Hebrew, Rambam) and the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, whose research was published in the Jerusalem Post. Dates improve the lipid (cholesterol) profile, and thus - prevent the formation of atherosclerosis. Thus, they can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

In addition, dates have anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties. All thanks to the content of natural salicylates, which act like aspirin, but unlike aspirin, they do not irritate the stomach.

In turn, the high potassium content in dates will help maintain normal blood pressure and protect against hypertension. The most famous variety of dates-Deglet Noor - contains as much as 656 mg of this element in 100 g. Slightly more, because 696 mg of potassium / 100 g is contained in another, equally well-known variety of Medjool.

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Nutritional values ​​ freshdates (in 100 g) .Deglet Noor variety/MedjoolEnergy value - 282/277 kcal Total protein - 2.45 / 1.81 g Fat - 0.39 / 0.15 g Carbohydrates - 75.03 g (including simple sugars 63.35) / 74.97 g (including simple sugars 66.47) Fiber - 8 / 6.7 gVitaminsVitamin C - 0.4 / 0 mg Thiamine - 0.052 / 0.050 mg Riboflavin - 0.066 / 0.060 mg Niacin - 1.274 / 1.610 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.165 / 0.249 mg Folic acid - 19/15 µg Vitamin A - 10/149 IU Vitamin E - 0.05 / 0 mg Vitamin K - 2 , 7 / 2.7 µgMineralsCalcium - 39/64 mg Iron - 1.02 / 0.90 mg Magnesium - 43/54 mg Phosphorus - 62/62 mgPotassium - 656/696 mgSodium - 2/1 mg Zinc - 0.29 / 0.44 mgData Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

Dried dateshave similarnutritional values ​​ . The exception is the fiber content, which is slightly more (about 8.7 g / 100 g) than in raw fruit.

Why is it worth eating dates?


Be careful with the preservatives in the dried dates

Dates may contain sodium benzoate (E 211) or benzoic acid (E 210), potassium sorbate (E 202) and sodium sorbate (E 201) - these are preservatives that are added to protect the fruit against mold growth during transport and storage.

In addition, it applies to dried datesgassing with sulfur dioxide (E 220). As a result, dates have a beautiful, appetizing, honey-brown color. In addition, preserved dates emit a characteristic sour smell, which is the result of the use of sulphates.

Therefore, it is better to buy ecological dates that do not contain the above-mentioned preservatives.

Dates for constipation and more

Dates are a treasury of fiber, thanks to which they accelerate intestinal peristalsis, which is desirable in constipation. You can eat the fruit straight from the package, cook it into a compote or add it to various dishes.

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Due to the fact that dates show an alkalising effect (neutralizing acids), they should be included in the diet of people whose body is acidic.

However, in the case of problems with defecation, it is best to reach for dried dates, which contain more ( although slightly, because 8.7 g / 100 g) of dietary fiber than fresh fruit.

Dates should also be included in the diet of people suffering from hyperacidity, because they show alkalizing properties (neutralizing acids). After eating them, the pH of the gastric juice will be more alkaline, which in turn will reduce the symptoms associated with acidity.

In addition, dried dates are recommended in the diet of people struggling with irritable bowel syndrome. These fruits are a source of tryptophan - an amino acid involved in the metabolism of serotonin, the reduced amount of which affects the severity of symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome.

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Where to buy fresh and dried dates?

In Poland, the most popular are dried pitted dates, which you can get in almost every grocery store. Their price for 100 g is about PLN 3. It is worth knowing that the skin of the dried date should be shiny and free of any damage. Only such fruit is valuable. On the other hand, in online stores you can buy fresh dates - for about 600 g you have to pay about PLN 20. The dates available in Poland come mainly from Iran, Tunisia and Egypt.

Dates - use in the kitchen

Dates are used for the production of flour (which, after adding barley flour, is used to bake the so-called desert bread), palm honey, preserves, e.g. jams (especially from the Zabidi variety), as an addition to baked goods or muesli. They are also used as an ingredient in curry dishes. They can also be stuffed with stuffing (e.g. bacon) or served with cheese. In addition, dates are a perfect substitute for sweets. In turn, date syrup is an excellent sugar substitute (e.g. for tea and coffee).

Daktyle and diabetes

The dried dates arevery sweet and contributes to the increase in blood sugar levels, therefore people with diabetes should eliminate dates from the diet with a high glycemic index (IG=103).

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Dates - contraindications. Who shouldn't eat dates?

Apart from diabetics, dates should not be eaten by people suffering from gastritis and gastric colic. Dates are also not recommended for people suffering from flatulence, as they can aggravate it. In addition, dates, like figs and raisins, contain proteins containing tyramine, which causes headaches. Therefore, people suffering from migraine should not reach for them, as they can exacerbate its symptoms.

Dates for athletes

Dates, due to the richness of simple sugars, are a good source of energy, which is used by athletes. In addition, dates will perfectly complement the deficiency of muscle glycogen and potassium (one of the electrolytes), which is especially important during long-term exercise.

Dates will soothe your nerves

Dates are a source of B vitamins that support the proper functioning of the nervous system. In addition, dried dates contain taurine - a good sleeping aid that has an anti-depressant effect. Therefore, they should be reached by people living under stress, mentally exhausted and suffering from insomnia.

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Dates - there are different variations

There are many different varieties of dates, which fall into three groups: hard (with a high starch content), semi-hard (intermediate between soft and hard dates) and soft (when squeezed, the juice is called "date honey") .

Representatives of this first group are dates of the Thoory variety, called "date bread" (because they are the basis of food for nomadic tribes). They are very dry and have a hard skin.

In turn, semi-hard dates include, among others Dayri and Zahdi varieties and the most popular and one of the best varieties, Deglet Noor, which is called "the queen of all dates" or, due to its light amber color, "dates of light". This variety has a delicate flavor and aroma.

In contrast, soft dates include another popular variety - Medjool, which is called "Cadillac" among dates, incl. due to its size (they are one of the largest dates). It has a delicate, thin skin and juicy flesh. Other varieties belonging to this group are Barhee, Halawy, Khadrawa, Bhari (named after the wind which gives these fruits their aroma) and Hdlawa which isalready dried on trees and dried in drying rooms.

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