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Supposedly one can foretell anything, also from … the appearance of sexual organs. They can testify not only to sexual preferences and temperament in bed, but also to the character of a person. So all you need to do is take a closer look at your partner's genitals - and everything will become clear to you. According to the principles of genitology, dealing with divination from such an intimate sphere, careful observation of these regions can provide really rich content.

Information aboutsexual temperamentof the owner or owner can be found in the imagepenisandlabiaat rest and those already in full readiness. The character and preferences of their owner can tell a lot about the shape, color, angle of the organs, etc. The most reliable, according to genitologists, are organs in full readiness.

Fortune telling in full readiness

  • thick, long shaft with a large conical head - it is difficult to get bored with a partner with such a member. He is the life and soul of the party, loves to have fun, for him the glass is always half full. Unfortunately, he likes to eat well and eagerly reaches for a glass. Obesity, however, is not likely to threaten him, because he effectively gets rid of excess kilos during sex. She's a good lover material, and she especially enjoys rougher sex in bed.
  • long, thin shaft with a large conical head - it is called a "rooster" because of its mobility, not only in the bed but also in life. He is also a supporter of hard, passionate sex. He is the type of athlete, active person, one who is still on the run. He has a tendency to loudly praise his virtues, unfortunately he is also indiscreet when it comes to success in bed.
  • long thin shaft with an elongated pointed head - this is a master of technology, knows so many bed tricks that he could beat many masters of eastern ars amandi. He loves all women, he could go to bed with anyone. So if you think about a more serious relationship, the owner of such a penis is not the right candidate for you.
  • bent shaft, the so-called crank, also referred to as "indented wacek" - this is a perverse type, he likes sadomasochistic games, all kinds of dressing up and fantasies about andnot necessarily to the point. She is quite an unusual person, which immediately catches the eye. It can have as many supporters as opponents. A great companion, put this to the wound and if you can trap a lady, maybe he will even be faithful to her.
  • a short, thick shaft with a pointed head - in other words, a cigar, i.e. a spike. He is a sensitive, romantic lover, sensitive to the needs of the lover. He is not a very passionate lover ( although he has something to do with fire …), but he can be a good husband. Sex with him may not be very thrilling, but in the hands of a passionate lover it promises to be a good student.
  • short and thin shaft with a flat head (toadstool) - you will not have any use of it in bed, because he is a poor lover. At best, he is a master of instant, unfortunately quite rare ejaculations. He can be clumsy and clumsy in life, it is difficult to find support in such a way. If by any chance he becomes someone else's husband, he will probably have to be looked after.
  • short, thin with a microscopic head - affectionately called a toddler or … a thin guy. And that speaks for itself. Fortunately, many owners of such equipment have quite a vivid imagination, so in bed you can not get bored with it. And if a partner is active, it can even be quite, quite. "The little ones", however, have makings of good, thoughtful husbands, which may compensate for their shortcomings in another area.

Fortune telling from the appearance of the penis at rest

It is also worth paying attention to its overhang at rest. In 80 percent. it is a left overhang and it is perfectly correct. An overhang to the right indicates leadership qualities, a slightly aggressive individual, one who easily gets angry and then can be dangerous. A straight overhang, on the other hand, is much less common and defines the man who thinks he is always right. Living with such a person is definitely not easy.

Divination from the appearance of the labia

Her character and temperament can tell us a lot about her labia - small (internal) and large (external) lips and their color.

  • small outer lips, inner almost invisible - this is the so-called stomata. Such a quiet mouse, both in bed and in life. She will never be the first to start herself, she waits for someone to lead her. He likes to surrender and all situations in which he can sit quietly and not speak up. You can get bored with it.
  • external lips large, internal quite small (pearl) - this is a typical femme fatale, you have to be careful with her, because she can lead you astray imperceptibly. She is cool, composed, also in moments of utmost pleasure. But he knows thousands of tricks that can amaze manymaster ars amandi. Can be animal wild in sex.
  • external lips not too large, internal large (butterfly) - she is a vamp woman, she likes to hunt men, jump from flower to flower and count them. She is quite a perverse woman, also in other circumstances, not only bedridden. A horse with a row to those who manage to ensnare her, but when such a daredevil is found, they can live happily ever after.
  • external lips large, small, large and fleshy (the so-called mummy) - a woman who knows what she wants and if she insists on catching a guy, she won't let it go. She is tough, relentless, but also extremely protective. In bed, you have to be careful, because he can bite or crush in his strong embrace.
  • small outer lips, comparable inner lips (rosebud) - this beautiful term is a bit misleading, however, because the owners of such lips are not as beautiful as the name would suggest. As a rule, they are quite superficial, have no particular interests, are cold and dislike sex. They're cold fish and don't even wake up that much.

To believe or not to believe these fortune-telling? Even if you have doubts and similar examples make you laugh, there is nothing to prevent you from treating it as fun, and perhaps as an element of foreplay.

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