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Sexting is sending an SMS with erotic subtext. Not only does this form of communication work in long-distance relationships - sexting is a great way to start foreplay long before you're in bed. Check out some examples of sexy messages that will make you both want sex.

Sextingis a phenomenon that has emerged with the development of high-speed communication, e.g. via SMS or messages sent via social networks such as Snapchat or Facebook.

Sexting can be compared to flirting at a distance, but it is more spicy and gives much more possibilities than regular conversation. Although the source of the term "sexting" - a combination of the English words "sex" and "texting" - refers only to the exchange of text messages, in fact this form of communication can be significantly enriched, for example with photos, videos, emoticons or links to erotic content on the Internet.

Why is it worth sexting?

Sexting gives you more room for maneuver than a live chat

The big advantage of sexting is the time it takes to think and formulate a message that will get exactly the effect you want. Do you want to take your relationship with another person to the next level? You don't have to worry about getting tangled and knocking and you'll blush with shame at the same time. You can send a message with subtext - even if it is badly received, you can turn it into a joke, after all, it's just a regular SMS or a message on Messenger. You can take her seriously, but she might as well be considered an innocent prank.

Sexting allows the shy to reveal their hidden fantasies

Similarly, when you have been secretly thinking about the realization of your sexual fantasy for a long time, but you are afraid to tell the other person directly what you want. Through sexting, you can cleverly sneak in your desires and ideas to spice up your sex life.

Sexting fuels desire and mutual fascination in the relationship

Another advantage of sexting is its effect on desire. If your relationship has been boring for a long time, try sending spicy to your partnermessage. A short text message can reawaken your mutual curiosity and show yourself from a different, slightly more naughty side.

Sexting increases your appetite for sex

Sending dirty messages to yourself can also be considered part of a long foreplay that will start during the day and end in your bed in the evening. Add some spice to your relationship and send your partner a sexy message while she's still at work. Taking your time and continuing to build up the tension, exchange text messages with each other until the meeting at home, where it climaxes. Examples of messages that will boost your libido can be found below.


Rule of sexting

Take care of them! Otherwise, your messages may be counterproductive and, instead of seductive, discourage your partner.

  1. Don't write long messages - sexting is not writing a love letter, it's supposed to be like a quick ball swap.
  2. Don't start sexting if you've just met and don't know what direction your relationship will go in - too fast "getting to the point" can scare the other person (yes, the man too). It's better to start sexting after a few dates.
  3. Don't be vulgar - especially when your relationship is still relatively short. You may seem desperate and focused on only one goal. Plus, a subtle suggestion like "It's hard for me to control myself" is much sexier than letting the coffee sit on the coffee table.
  4. Don't limit yourself to just compliments - tease, allow yourself to be lightly taunted, make conditions and postpone the climax in time. Mystery and uncertainty are more than complete submission to the other person.
  5. Follow the rule: one step forward - one step back - two steps forward. After sending a spicy message, when you notice the interest of the other half, step back and pretend innocent ("It's only one thing in your head!"), Then again allow yourself a bolder suggestion.
  6. If you send your photos, don't show everything at once. What is covered stimulates the imagination and makes you want more. So send photos that show only a fragment of the intimate part of the body. For example, photos in lace underwear or in bed are very sensual, when the linen partially covers the "strategic" places.
  7. Remember that privacy is severely restricted these days and your photos can easily be stolen from your phone or used against you. Only send nude pics to someone you fully trust - although it's actually best to send themphotos where the face is invisible or not very clear, then in an unforeseen situation it will be more difficult to identify you.

Examples of sexy messages you can send in a variety of situations

Sexting as foreplay - when you want to encourage your partner to have sex

  • After returning home, I have a surprise for you.
  • Today you won't have to do anything, I will take care of you myself.
  • I can't focus on anything today, I only think about what I'll do with you when I come home from work.
  • What would you like me to do for you tonight?
  • Do you remember when I told you about this crazy fantasy that I wanted to realize with you … I think today will be a good opportunity.
  • I advise you to take a day off tomorrow, because I won't let you sleep tonight.
  • Are you curious what I'll do with you today? Then wait, you'll find out in the evening.

Sexting - a way to seduce a man

  • I just got out of the shower and I'm still a little wet.
  • What is your favorite part of the female body?
  • I was just thinking about how sexy you looked yesterday in that white shirt …
  • Wish you were here now, I feel a little lonely.
  • Hey, how is your day? I didn't wear a bra today. Just writing so that you know.

Sexting - a way to seduce a woman

  • What are you wearing now?
  • I'd like to see you today, but I'm not sure if I can keep my hands to me.
  • I have a hard time controlling myself when you're around.
  • You smell wonderful.
  • I want you.

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