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You don't feel like having sex? Natural aphrodisiacs for women can improve the satisfaction with sex life. If you don't already know which fruits and spices have libido-boosting properties, check out the list of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for women.

Someaphrodisiacsstimulate both lovers. Others are intended only for men - they increase potency and allow you to climax longer. Women need other ingredients that will enhance the effects of sex hormones and increase the frequency of desire. Here is a list of aphrodisiacs designed specifically for women.

Natural aphrodisiacs for women

  • Anise - not without reason, the ancient Romans served anise cookies as the last dish at their famous feasts. For immediately afterwards the women were overcome with such a desire that they unrestrainedly waved their charms, encouraging lovers to amors. A gingerbread with the addition of honey and anise is said to ignite any woman.
  • Saffron - the most expensive spice, obtained from the dried flowers of a certain species of crocus, it is said to work wonders. It used to be believed that if a girl consumed a bit of saffron for a week, it would be easy to get it, she would become eager.
  • Chocolate - contains e.g. tryptophan, which is a building block of serotonin - the pleasure hormone released when you are in love and during sex. It is also a source of phenylethylamine, a substance belonging to the group of endorphins that improves mood and boosts energy. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (at least 70%) works best as an aphrodisiac. Milk has more fat and sugar, so in the long run, instead of stimulating it, it will contribute to a decrease in energy, and at the same time will go into the bacon.
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Inflaming the senses with chilli chocolate drink

Chocolate works not only on women but also on men. It is said that Casanova himself drank it. Here's a recipe for a warming chili chocolate drink that you can both drink before your date. A small addition of alcohol will strengthen its stimulating effect.

  • glass of milk (250 ml)
  • half a bar of dark chocolate
  • 5 tablespoons of heavy cream (30%)
  • spoon of sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoons powdered chili
  • ew. tablespoon of rum

In a saucepan, heat the milk, cream, add chili and sugar,stir until dissolved. Chop the dark chocolate. When the milk starts to boil slightly, add the chocolate pieces and stir until it melts. Simmer the drink for a few minutes over low heat until a smooth, velvety liquid is obtained. Serve in cups, garnished with whipped cream.

  • Carrot - is a female aphrodisiac not only because of its shape (because it also matters), but also because the substances it contains, which is said to have been scientifically proven, increase the action of sex hormones, which translates into an increase in the level of love elation. Carrot juice was drank in liters by the famous lover of the King of France, Madame Pompadour. And she believed that it provided her with an extremely intense experience of pleasure.
  • Maca extract (a plant from South America) - clearly increases libido in women and reduces sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women. Even in high doses, it does not show side effects.
  • Ginkgo - equally effectively increases libido, increases the frequency and intensity of sexual desire, rejuvenates the entire sexual system. Increases satisfaction with sex life, the ability to achieve orgasm and its intensity.

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Scented aphrodisiacs for women - essential oils

Women react strongly to smell. Their desire will be aroused by the papach of men's perfumes (with a hint of cardamom, cedar, bergamot, musk), or the beautiful scent of the surroundings. The senses will also be awakened by an aromatic bath with the addition of vanilla or sandalwood oil. The oils can also be used for erotic massage - it's a great idea for a sensual foreplay.

Fruits as an aphrodisiac for ladies

A woman's desire can also be increased by fruits: banana, pomegranate, melon, mango, avocado .However, their strength lies not so much in the properties revealed after consumption, but … in shape. They resemble a male penis, testicle or a female vagina. The mere sight of them can be very exciting.

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Candlelight dinner? Not necessarily

Surely everyone remembers the scene from the movie "9 and a half weeks" where Mickey Rouke feeds Kim Basinger various treats and then goes into passionate sex. Basinger's heroine has her eyes closed and clumsily tries to eat the fruits and desserts offered to her, including cherries in syrup, strawberries, whipped cream.

This "clumsy" dinner is a great foreplay idea and can be more effective than the most exquisite candlelight dinner. As a feast, a woman can taste dishes with aphrodisiacs or tempting fruit, and then guess what she ate.

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