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Thanks to the contraceptive application you will not miss any contraceptive pill from the package. The program reminds you with an acoustic signal at what time to take the pill according to the agreed intake schedule. Check out the 6 best contraceptive apps for your smartphone.

If you happen to forget thebirth control pill , install theapplication on your phoneto help you remember to take your pills regularly. There are several programs to choose from with an easy-to-use interface and numerous additional options, such as a calendar of symptoms. In addition, some applications allow you to remember to change your contraceptive patch or ring regularly.

See 6 suggestions for mobile contraceptive apps.

1. Lady Pill Reminder

The screen of the Lady Pill Reminder application looks like a contraceptive pill blister, which makes the program very intuitive and easy to use. Before the first use, you need to determine what type of tablets you are taking (in what schedule) and at what time. The application sends an audible notification every day at set times (however, if you are not taking placebo, you can turn off notifications for the duration of the break). In addition, you can set a reminder to buy another pack of tablets and make notes, e.g. on which day the withdrawal bleeding started. The application is available in Polish.

2. Birth Control Reminder

This contraceptive app not only reminds you to take your pills - you can also set notifications to change your contraceptive patch or ring. The interface is made like a calendar, in which individual days are marked with different colors - the days of tablet taking are blue and the break in the blisters is pink. Additionally, you can define your own notification sound and the content of the message reminding you to take the pill. The application is available in Polish.

3. Lady Pill Alarm

The Lady Pill Alarm contraceptive app looks very similar to Lady Pill Reminder and has an additional note-taking option. You can attach information about your well-being or unforeseen symptoms to each day (e.g.spotting). The advantage of the application is the possibility of personalizing the interface - changing the color, sound and content of the notification, the icon that appears next to the notification, etc. Unfortunately, the application is not available in Polish.

4. myPill® Birth Control Reminder

This contraceptive application, apart from reminding you to take a pill, contains many interesting and useful additional options. One of them is the calendar, in which you can mark your symptoms and well-being each day - not in words, but with icons (e.g. blood droplets, one of which is a scant bleeding, and three is heavy bleeding; there are also mood emoticons, hearts, lightning bolts signifying a bad mood, etc.). In addition, the application records the exact time you took the pill on an ongoing basis and indicates "too late", "on time", "early" (too late, on time, early) - so you can control how effective your contraception is. The application is available in English.

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How do birth control apps work?

In all contraceptive applications, notifications are sent on the same principle: at the set time, the phone beeps and / or vibrates, and in addition, a reminder to take a tablet appears on the screen. If we do not look at the phone for a long time, after the indicated time the application will respond again - and so on until the moment of taking the pill and closing the notification screen.

Before using the application, you always need to set the type of tablets you are taking (24 + 4, 21 + 7, 28) and the time at which the phone should beep (or vibrate).

5. Contraceptive Pill Reminder

The Contraceptive Pill Reminder application is in the form of a calendar with the days when you need to take the pill. Underneath you can see how many tablets you have already taken and how many are left until the end of the strip. A very helpful option is the table in which the application automatically provides the dates of the next periods. Thanks to this, for example, you can plan a vacation well in advance so that there is no bleeding during it. The application is available in English.

6. WomanLog Calendar

A very extensive application, the main function of which is to analyze the menstrual cycle and fertile days, but one of the possible options is also to set a reminder about taking birth control pills. What's more, WomanLog can also send notifications about taking other medications, e.g. protective drugs, vitamins, antibiotics, sleeping pills, etc.they take several preparations at the same time. In addition, each day you can mark your mood, weight, temperature, symptoms accompanying the monthly cycle (breast pain, swelling, acne, increased appetite). On their basis, the application generates a graph that allows you to track changes in the cycle over several months. The menu is available in Polish.

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