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Black pudding has many nutritional values. First of all, black pudding is rich in heme iron, well absorbed by the body. At the same time, black pudding has many calories, a source of fat and cholesterol, so it should be avoided by people with heart disease and hypercholesterolaemia. What other nutritional values ​​does black pudding have? What is the composition of black pudding? How much calories does grilled black pudding have? What is the difference between black pudding and krupniok? What is the recipe for black pudding?

Black puddingis a by-product product that has numerousnutritional values ​​ . What's therecipefor black pudding? Most often, pork blood and additives in the form of buckwheat, barley, pork liver, pork skins and spices are used for its production. The quality of black pudding depends on the raw materials that were used in the production and the percentage of ingredients.

Black pudding: nutritional values ​​

The undoubted advantage of black pudding is the high content of iron, which is involved in the transport and storage of oxygen in the body, is used for the production of red blood cells, participates in DNA synthesis, plays a role in immune processes, and its deficiency in the body leads to anemia. It is heme iron that is better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron, which comes from plant products.

Due to its high iron and zinc content, black pudding has been recognized as a superfood in Great Britain.

At the same time, black pudding is a source of zinc, copper and potassium, B vitamins (due to the content of buckwheat or barley).

Due to the use of pork liver and skins, black pudding contains significant amounts of fat and cholesterol. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with heart disease or hypercholesterolaemia. People with gout should also give up on it, because black pudding has a high purine content.

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Nutritional value of black pudding(per 100 g)

Energy value - 379 kcal Protein 14, 60 g Fat 35.40 g, including:

- saturated fat 17.86 g - saturated fat 13.4 g - monounsaturated fatty acid 15.9 g - polyunsaturated fatty acid 3.46 g - cholesterol 120.0 g

Minerals(% of dailyrecommended consumption for an adult)

Calcium - 6 mg (0.6%) Sodium - 680.0 mg (45%) Phosphorus - 22.0 mg (3%) Potassium - 38.0 mg (0.8%) Magnesium - 8 .0 mg (2%) Iron - 6.4 mg (64%) Zinc - 1.3 mg (12%) Copper - 0.04 mg (4%)


Niacin - 1.2 mg (8%) Vitamin - B1 0.07 mg (5%) Vitamin - B2 0.13 mg (10%) Vitamins - B6 0.04 mg (3%) Vitamin - B12 1.0 µg (42%)

Source: USDA

Black pudding: how is black pudding made? Black pudding composition

Kaszanka is made of blood mixed with fillers and stuffing for casings. In Poland, for the production of traditional black pudding, buckwheat or barley groats, pork liver and pork skins are used as fillers, which are combined with pork blood. In the first stage, buckwheat and liver are subjected to heat treatment, then they are mixed with spices and blood, and the prepared mass is stuffed with cleaned pork intestines. The whole thing is heat treated, cooled and packed. Black pudding is characterized by a dark color, most often it has a thin intestine casing. Black pudding is produced either thinner or thicker.

In Great Britain, pork is mixed with cereal products, most often with oats, in Italy, black pudding is made by mixing pork or cow's blood with raisins and nuts, and in Spain it is a combination of pig's blood with rice and onions. In China, Thailand and Vietnam, blood from chicken, duck, goose or cow is used for the production of black pudding.

Which black pudding to choose?

There are black puddings on the market made of both buckwheat and barley. They differ in color, cross-section, length and thickness, we can find thin and thicker ones. When choosing black pudding, it is worth paying attention to the producer, the quality of the products used in its production, color, smell and texture. The price of black pudding ranges from PLN 10 to even PLN 58 per kilogram. We will pay a higher price for black pudding known as BIO.

Black pudding - a recipe for a baked pork loin with black pudding, apples and potatoes

Source:ń Dobry TVN

Worth knowing

Kaszanka a krupniok

Krupniok is a Silesian term, black pudding - nationwide. The Silesian dialect word "krupniok" comes from the word "krupa", meaning pearl barley, groats made from cereal grains. The very term "krupniok" is defined, inter alia, by as a gut made of groats and blood, intended for cooking or frying. The first mentions of Silesian krupnioki were made in the 18th century, but their greatest popularity was in the 1930s. Then, in the Opole region and Upper Silesia, krupnioki beganappear not only in wedding menus, but also in everyday ones. The preparation of Silesian krupnioki was inextricably linked with the time of pig slaughter. The pig slaughter was divided into certain stages, first the meat intended for smoking, sausage production and further storage was processed, then: “the gut was made (or krupniok, as they are called in the Opole region). Rice and buckwheat were cooked (in equal amounts), cooked and sliced ​​meat cuts and giblets, finely chopped or grated onions were added, the blood was mixed well, adding s alt (…) the groats were mixed with blood, meat, fat and spices. The resulting stuffing, called here "gardawa", was filled into the intestines, closed at both ends with a wooden stick and boiled ". Krupnioki śląskie has enjoyed an unflagging reputation for many decades, not only in Silesia, but also throughout the country and abroad. Many producers of krupniok also take part in numerous culinary events, such as fairs and festivities. Despite the well-established reputation of Silesian krupnioki, new culinary holidays are still being created, which in Opole and Upper Silesia strengthen its position as a dish closely related to the region. In 2014, krupniok was entered on the list of traditional products.

What is the difference between black pudding and krupniok? With krupnioki for 100 kilograms, we have only 15 percent. groats. With black pudding, you can use 25% … Krupniok can be stuffed in a pork intestine 15 to 25 centimeters long.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,

What is krupniok?


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