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Hepatitis B, also known as implantable jaundice or hepatitis B, is a disease caused by HBV. How can you get infected with it? First of all, through contact with blood. Therefore, infection can occur not only in medical facilities, but also, for example, at a beautician or hairdresser. HBV can also be transmitted during unprotected sexual contact. Check how you can get infected with hepatitis b.

Hepatitis B , i.e.inoculation jaundiceorhepatitis B , is caused by a virus hepatitis B -HBV .How can you get infectedhimget infected ? There are three routes of infection: blood-borne (the most common), sexual (sexual contacts) and perinatal (when a sick mother infects her child). HBV enters the body 10 times easier than HCV and 100 times easier than HIV, so it is not difficult to get infected.

Hepatitis B (hepatitis B) - what is HBV?

HBV ( hepatitis B virus ) is a virus in theHepadnaviridaefamily. After entering the body, it leads to the multiplication of viral proteins in the hepatocyte cell membrane (liver cells). Then there is an immune reaction of the body, which causes extensive damage to the hepatocytes.

Hepatitis B (hepatitis B) - how do you get infected? Blood

The infection most often occurs through direct contact of the blood of an infected person with mucous membranes and damaged skin. You do not need a lot of blood to transmit an infection, only trace amounts - invisible to the naked eye - only 0.00001 ml.

The infection can occur in hospitals and other medical facilities during

  • transfusions of blood or blood products infected with HBV;
  • organ transplant from an infected person;
  • contact with contaminated needles or syringes (e.g. during blood collection);
  • dental procedures (e.g. scaling, drilling);
  • endoscopic examinations, dialysis;

The virus can also be transmitted outside of medical facilities:

  • during acupuncture;
  • in hairdressing salons andcosmetic (ear piercing, various cosmetic procedures, etc.);

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  • when making a tattoo;
  • during hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches);
  • by using items of personal hygiene of an infected person: razors, nippers, scissors, toothbrushes and other items on which blood or body fluids may be present, and which may lead to disruption of the skin or mucous membranes ;

Hepatitis B (hepatitis B) - how do you get infected? Sexual intercourse

You can get hepatitis B during sexual intercourse (including oral and anal intercourse) with an infected person, if protection is not used. Infection can occur through contact with semen or vaginal discharge. Therefore, you should use condoms, bearing in mind that they are not 100% protective, as they can always break, slip off, etc. However, when used correctly, a condom is a barrier to viruses. In addition, pay attention to wounds, ulcers, skin lesions around the genitals, because infection can also occur through contact with the damaged surface of the skin or mucosa of the partner. You should avoid having sex during your period.

It should be noted that the risk of transmission of HBV through casual sexual contact is much greater than the risk of transmission of HIV.

Hepatitis B (hepatitis B) - how do you get infected? During pregnancy and childbirth

If a pregnant woman is a carrier of HBV, the child may become infected during pregnancy or childbirth. This can be prevented: the baby must receive an injection of HBIG (antibodies designed to immediately block the activity of the virus) and the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours of birth.

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How can you NOT get infected with HBV?

  • by kissing;
  • sneezing or coughing;
  • breastfeeding;
  • food or water;
  • sharing plates or glasses
  • shake a hand, hug, etc.

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