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Vaccination against ticks is the only recommended vaccination. However, some believe it should be mandatory, because the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine will protect against this dangerous tick-borne disease and prevent complications. In recent years, tick-borne encephalitis has been reported in all regions of Poland, so if you plan to stay in the forest in the coming months, learn about the possibilities of vaccination. How many doses of TBE vaccine need to be taken to be effective? What is the price of one vaccine?

Vaccination against ticks , correct- against tick-borne encephalitisis the recommended vaccination, but still not compulsory. Some people think it should, becausethe tick-borne encephalitis vaccinewill protect against this dangerous tick-borne disease and prevent complications. TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) is an acute infectious viral disease.

There are two ways to effectively protect against tick-borne encephalitis:

  • do not enter the forest or stay anywhere else where ticks may be present
  • vaccinate against tick-borne encephalitis

Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine - who should get vaccinated?

In principle, vaccination against TBE should be taken by anyone who happens to be in the forest or in other areas at risk of ticks.

Vaccinations are recommended in particular to people who perform professional activities in forests or activities related to plant cultivation or animal breeding, including:

  • farmers,
  • forest workers,
  • gardeners,
  • military personnel on training grounds,
  • as well as fire and border guards.

The vaccine is also recommended for hiking, cycling and mushroom pickers.

Vaccination can also be used in children over one year of age.

Vaccination against TBE is not reimbursed, but among people working in conditions subject to special risk, it should be paid by the employer.

How to avoid a tick bite?

Vaccinefor tick-borne encephalitis - price

Depending on the vaccination point, 1 vaccine costs about 100 to 140 PLN. Child pricing is usually slightly lower, but vaccine prices are not distributed everywhere between adults and children.

Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine - effectiveness

In order for the vaccination to be effective, i.e. to immunize the body against TBE, 2 doses of the vaccine should be taken before the ticks are feeding. To consolidate immunity, you need to vaccinate yourself every 3-5 years, according to the vaccination schedule below.

TBE vaccine - how many doses?

Vaccination against TBE involves the administration of three doses in a cycle. For vaccination to be effective, two doses of vaccine should be taken before the ticks are feeding. The first revaccination should be performed after 3 years, and the next revaccination every 3-5 years, depending on the type of vaccine used and the age of the vaccinated person.

Vaccination scheme against TBE:

  • 1 dose
  • 2 dose - from 1 to 3 months after the first dose;
  • 3 dose - from 9 to 12 months after the second dose;
  • Booster doses - approx. 3 years after the last vaccination, next doses at intervals of 3 to 5 years.

The best time to get the first dose of the vaccine is February or March.

Scheme of accelerated vaccination against TBE

Accelerated vaccination scheme for people who need quick protection by KZM, and who come for vaccination in spring or summer

  • 1 dose;
  • 2 dose (protection for 1 year) - 14 days after the first dose;
  • 3 dose (3-year protection) - from 9 to 12 months after the 2nd dose.
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Worth knowing

Poles have been taking vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis in increasing numbers for several years. In 2015, 27.8 thousand people were vaccinated in Poland. people. This is over 2,000 more than the year before. This is the result of social campaigns carried out in the media and on the Internet, which made people aware of the dangers of ticks. Detailed information on vaccinations against TBE can be found on the website of the National Institute of Public He alth of the National Institute of Hygiene and on the website

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