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Strengthening immunity in the fall-winter season is the easiest way to avoid colds and flu. The stimulation of the immune system is guaranteed by a proper diet, hardening, sports, as well as over-the-counter medications and supplements that support the immunity of our bodies. However, which of the huge range of drugs available to strengthen immunity, should you choose?

Drugs and supplements to strengthen the immune systemThey usually contain various vitamins and minerals as well as Echinacea, aloe, ginseng and shark liver oil, which effectively regenerate the body's immunity. Knowing the properties of individual components of these drugs, we can choose those that have the most beneficial effect on our immune system.

Strengthening immunity: Echinacea (echinacea)

Echinacea purpurea, also known asechinacea , activates the immune system, incl. by stimulating leukocytes to secrete antiviral substances (interferon). The active substances contained in Echinacea strengthen the natural immunity and stimulate the immune system, thus reducing the susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections. Echinacea is also used in inflammations of the mouth, throat and gums.

Echinacea supplements:Alchinal, Echinacaps, Immunofort, Echinacea-ratiopharm Max, Echinerba, Esberitox N, Echinacea juice

Strengthening immunity: routine

Rutin (rutoside) is a plant-derived antioxidant. It prolongs the action of vitamin C and inhibits inflammatory processes, sealing the walls of blood vessels, which is why it is a component of many drugs that strengthen the body's immunity.

However, it should be remembered that swallowing rutinoscorbin for a few days will not cause the body to suddenly gain high immunity, and colds and flu will not be able to break us this season. Immunity is built up for months, using a proper diet, taking care of physical activity and rest. So it is a myth that immunity can be increased overnight.

Routine Supplements:Acerola Plus, Rutinoscorbin, Ascorutical, Rutinesan, Rutinacea,

Immune boost: aloe

Aloe can be used in the form of juice, pulp extracts, syrup or tablets. Aloe containsplant biostimulants that increase the production of antibodies and the amount of lymphocytes in the blood. Acemannan and glycosides contained in aloe vera juice stimulate microbes to fight viruses.

Important! Combining aloe vera preparations with vitamin C causes a rapid increase in these vitamins in the body. The amount of vitamin C absorbed in 8 hours will increase by up to 208%, and vitamin E after 6 hours will be higher by up to 268%.

Aloe supplements:Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, Aloes Prima, Vigana Aloe, aloe juice

Immunity Boost: Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that maintain the natural microflora in the gut. Eaten in the right amount, they have a protective effect on the body. It is most often used in conjunction with exhausting antibiotic therapy or prophylactic therapy.

Not all strains of Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium have proven probiotic effects. It is not the species of bacteria that confirms this effect, but the strain.

By adhering to the intestinal mucosa, the probiotic reduces the impact of pathogens, strengthening the human immune system.

The most popular source of probiotics today is dietary supplements. However, it should not be forgotten that some yoghurts, sauerkraut or kvass are a natural source of probiotic bacteria.

The correct description of the strain of a given bacterium should contain 3 parts: genus, species, strain, e.g.Lactobacillus(genus)rhamnosus(species ) GG (strain).

Selected probiotics:Compli Flora, Interbiotic C, Probiotic Lacti, Dico Flor

According to an Agnieszka Motyl, family medicine specialist, epidemiologist - Medicover

Over-the-counter immune-boosting drugs and supplements are not very effective. The popular vitamin C administered at the beginning of a cold did not affect its course, while in people using it prophylactically, it shortened the duration of this infection in the case of falling ill. Similar results were obtained when analyzing the effect of Echinacea extract taken prophylactically, which shortened the duration of a common cold by an average of 1.5 days and additionally caused a decrease in the number of respiratory infections.

The effectiveness of other preparations of plant and animal origin, vitamins and dietary supplements has not been confirmed in reliable studies, but there are contraindications to their use and interactions with other substances. For example: grapefruit seed extract, containing flavonoids, interacts with many drugs, including cardiological, antiallergic,sedatives, immunosuppressants. Therefore, you should not combine the therapy with these drugs with the treatment with a grapefruit preparation, or take the tablets with the juice of this fruit.

Strengthening immunity: ginseng

Ginseng stimulates the activity of cytotoxic lymphocytes and thus stimulates the immune system. Interestingly, the botanical name of ginseng - Panax ginsens - means panacea in Latin, i.e. a remedy for all possible ailments. Ginseng actually has a beneficial effect on many diseases, but only when taken regularly. Overuse of preparations from this plant can lead to the so-called ginseng syndrome.

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Ginseng syndrome is characterized by: drowsiness, headaches, malaise, hypertension, diarrhea and skin lesions.

Due to the possibility of ginseng syndrome, a one-time treatment should not last longer than 2 months. According to Chinese medicine, young and he althy people can use ginseng twice a year - in spring and autumn.

Ginseng supplements:Panaxan, Ginseng, Ginseng Vita Complex,

Strengthening immunity: tran

Tran, or oil (liquid fat) obtained from the liver of Atlantic cod. Its properties have been known for years, and the memory of its taste does not evoke positive emotions. Fish oil is a valuable source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, bromine and iodine. Vitamin E has a positive effect on the body's immunity: it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, protects cells against oxidants that appear in the body along with infection.

Tran is given from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter. Today, we no longer have to ingest substances with an unpleasant smell. The pharmaceutical industry offers tasteless capsules and syrups with a pleasant fragrance for children.

Examples of supplements:Martian Tran (syrup), Cod Liver oil, Omega-3 fish oil, Omega-3 fish oil capsules

Immunity Boost: Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil stimulates the synthesis of antibodies and leukocytes, as well as other cells of the immune system. In addition, it damages the membrane of bacterial cells.

Shark liver oil is used in the period of reduced immunity (fall-winter) at a dose of 50 mg for each kilogram of the body.

Three substances are produced in the shark's liver: alkoxyglycerol, squalene, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is the alkoxyglycerols that prevent bacterial and viral infections. Squalens, on the other hand, ensure the proper functioning and reconstruction of immune cells.

Supplements:Iskial (shark liver oil with extractgarlic), Ecomer, Shark Liver Oil, Alaskan Max

Strengthening immunity: garlic

Garlic contains alliin, a compound that is converted to allicin when crushed or chewed. It is a substance with antibiotic properties, therefore garlic is used in treatment and prevention.

To use the properties of garlic, it is enough to eat 1-2 cloves a day (preferably chopped or crushed). To eliminate the characteristic smell, after eating garlic, it is enough to chew a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

He althier israw garlic , but if you don't like its taste, you can supplement with coated capsules. It is recommended to use garlic capsules in the amount of 400-600 mg per day. When treating colds, the dose can be increased up to 4 times.

Garlic supplements:Aliovital, Alitol, Garlic Extract, Ali-Baby, Allium

Strengthening immunity: grapefruit

Available grapefruit seed extract supplements are advertised as immune boosters and even as "medications" for colds and flu. Grapefruit contains bioflavonoids (plant hormones) with antioxidant properties that capture free radicals and strengthen the effect of vitamin C, but it is difficult to find studies confirming the immunizing effect.

Supplements:Citrocaps, Citrosept Forte, Citrosept Junior,

Important! Vitamin C must not be taken in unlimited amounts!Its overdose will cause stomach problems, and regularly exceeding the recommended dose will lead to the formation of kidney stones.

ATTENTION! Immunostimulants may affect blood pressure or the body's carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, taking such preparations should be consulted with your doctor.

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