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Duck meat is not dietary meat due to its high fat content. Although it contains a lot of he althy fatty acids, in the kitchen it should be used occasionally to add variety to everyday dishes.

Poultry is very often present on the Polish table. In recent years, interest in duck meat has been growing, but its consumption in Poland is still one of the lowest in Europe. In the past, ducks were an integral part of the rural landscape. Nowadays, duck dishes are becoming fashionable again, mainly due to restaurateurs who serve it in various ways. Duck is a much fatter meat than turkey and chicken, but it is considered safer and more noble than industrially produced chicken.

Nutritional values ​​of duck meat

Duck meat is much more caloric than chicken or turkey. 100 g of duck carcass provides 240 kcal. The skinniest one isduck breast . 100 g of this skinless meat is 140 kcal, and with the skin 202 kcal. For comparison, 100 g of skinless turkey breast is 84 kcal, and chicken breast - 99 kcal. Duck meat has a very high protein content. 100 g of breast without skin contains 28 g of protein and 100 g of breast with skin - 25 g. Therefore, they could be considered dietary and easy to digest. However, a large amount of protein is also accompanied by a high concentration of fat, which makes duck meat more difficult to digest. The amount of fat in the whole duck with skin reaches even 30%. In breast with skin there is 11 g of fat per 100 g and in breast without skin - 2.5 g.

Duck meatPork meat
Cholesterol in 100 g76 mg65 mg
Saturated fatty acids per 100 g7.39 g7.98 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids in 100 g15.1 g11.5 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids in 100 g4.12 g1.5 g

Does duck fat lower cholesterol?

This action is not confirmed by research. It is true that the fatty acid profile is more favorable than in other red meats and is characterized by a greater amount of unsaturated fatty acids beneficial to he alth,however, the amount of fat in duck meat is too high to be considered dietary. Of course, duck meat can be a tasty addition to homemade dinners, but it should be eaten occasionally, just like pork.

Duck meat contains a lot of B vitamins, vitamin A, as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Worth knowing

Vitamin and mineral content in 100 g of duck meat

Vitamin B1 - 0.177 mg Vitamin B2 - 0.226 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.1 mg Vitamin PP - 3.45 mg Vitamin A - 24 µg Vitamin E - 0.2 mg Sodium - 66 mg Potassium - 242 mg Phosphorus - 149 mg Magnesium - 14 mg Iron - 2.1 mg Zinc - 1.42 mg Calcium 8 mg Copper 0.14 mg Manganese 0.03 mg

Duck meat production and consumption

Duck meat is becoming more and more popular. Its production has been systematically increasing by up to 50% annually for several years. In 2014, an increase of 47% was observed and 25,000 were produced. tons of duck meat. However, a large part of the production is exported. We sell about 40% of domestic duck production to other countries, and its main customers are Germany, Lithuania and Sweden. According to the Drosed group - a poultry producer - in Poland, the consumption of duck grows by 10-15% per year, and statistically we eat less than 200 g of duck meat per person per year. For comparison, we eat about 22 kg of chicken a year. Duck meat accounts for only 1% of the poultry market in Poland. Despite various promotional measures and campaigns increasing consumer awareness, we are still much more likely to choose chicken or turkey, which are cheaper and easier to prepare. We choose the duck for special occasions and celebrations, mainly due to the price.

The most popular and most easily accessible in Poland arePekin ducks . It is a type of farm duck, well-developed and well-muscled. These birds can be bred on an intensive or extensive system. In intensive rearing, animals are housed indoors under certain temperature conditions, with controlled lighting and standardized feed. Ducks are bred 8-9 weeks to a body weight of 3.4-3.7 kg, and drakes 11-12 weeks to a weight of 3.8-4 kg. Extensive rearing allows the birds to have free range and therefore have more movement. The meat of such ducks is slightly tougher and less tender, but many people find them tastier. In shops you can also buy the meat of the barbarie duck, also known as the musk duck. These are birds bred in a private farmstead system in clean areas, e.g. in Podlasie. Contract contracts are signed with breeders, which ensure high quality and appropriate duck breeding standards.

Meat withduckBarbarieis considered more delicious due to the wild origin of the species and much greater mobility of birds associated with free rearing. Barbarie Ducks show more muscle content, thinner subcutaneous fat, more muscle pigments and more minerals in the meat compared to the Beijing Duck. Adult females are bred for 8 weeks and weigh an average of 2.4 kg, while males - 12 weeks and weigh about 4.5 kg.

Duck meat - use in the kitchen

In Poland, the breeding of ducks became popular in the 11th-13th centuries. Previously, wild birds came to the tables. They were used to prepare broths, served baked and stuffed, and blood and giblets were used for blood soup. The most famous duck dish is the duck baked in apples - a symbol of traditional Polish cuisine. In the past, the obligatory element of the festive dinner was also a roasted duck with marjoram. In 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development entered "Pomeranian Duck" - stuffed with pork - on the list of traditional products. It is a Kashubian dish that appears on holiday tables as a dinner dish and as a cold snack. Currently, we are returning to the old recipes of Polish cuisine, but we are also eager to try new products, such as duck breast carpaccio or salads with the addition of pink breast meat. The popularity of duck dishes is also growing due to the greater availability of Chinese cuisine, where the meat plays a very important role. Foods such as Peking Duck and Duck in five flavors are known all over the world.

The duck is considered the noblest type of poultry. Well-prepared meat is tender and juicy. It also has a much more distinct flavor than chicken and turkey. Young ducks weighing 1.5-2 kg are considered the tastiest. Ducks are great for baking and stuffing. It is best to bake a whole bird at 160-170 ° C for 45 minutes for every kilogram of carcass. You should not open the oven for the first hour, and during the entire baking process, do it as little as possible so as not to dry the air in the oven. The meat should also not be punctured so that it does not lose its juices and does not become dry. So how do you check if it's ready? You should grab the wing. If it is loose and slightly moves, the duck is baked. For baking, it is worth placing the duck in a roasting tin over vegetables or apples and pouring plenty of water at the beginning. This will prevent the meat from burning when you start cooking. It is not necessary to add fat as a lot of it will be rendered out of the carcass. Stuffed duck should be baked for 20-30 minutes longer. The duck in front ofbaking it is best to marinate for 24 hours with marjoram, garlic, juniper or rosemary, as well as red wine.

When planning a family dinner, you should know that the duck is not very efficient. From a bird weighing about 1.5 kg, we get two large portions.

Duck breasts are also very tasty. They are perfect for short frying in pink, they remain very juicy. It should be fried over medium heat, first from the skin side for 4 minutes, turned over and fry for 2 minutes. Traditional additions, such as fried cabbage, as well as any fruit sauces, such as raspberries, currants or rhubarb, are perfect for duck. It is recommended for red dry or semi-dry wine. The duck can be prepared in many different ways. Simple and quick, with sweet additions, as well as more sophisticated - for experienced people in the kitchen.

Currently, the duck can be bought in large supermarkets and discounters. Many of them are on permanent offer, and you can always buy them in the pre-Christmas period. Most often we will "hunt" the whole duck. Sometimes the breasts or lower legs are available separately. Duck meat can be bought chilled or frozen. Freezing does not reduce the quality of the meat, but you need to defrost it properly and not freeze it again. The frozen carcass should be left in the refrigerator for the whole day to defrost slowly. How to check if a duck is young and fresh? The flexibility of the meat is important. When pressed with your finger, it should bend and return to its previous shape after a while.

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