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Roasted pork loin, pork chop rolls and chops are very popular in Polish cuisine. Pork loin with plum, in sauce, stewed or boiled, is also popular. Pork loin and pork chops have numerous nutritional benefits - they are a good source of protein, B vitamins and some minerals. They also have relatively few calories. Check what vitamins and minerals are contained in pork loin and pork chops.

Pork loinis the main part of the pork half-carcass from the thoracic-lumbar region.roasted pork loinis popular in Polish cuisine, as well aspork chop rollsandpork chops . The latter are breaded pork chops (with or without bone), resembling a Viennese schnitzel.


  1. Pork loin and pork chops - what is this meat?
  2. Pork loin and pork chops - calories (kcal) and nutritional values ​​
  3. Roasted pork loin and more
  4. Pork roulades and pork chops

Pork loin and pork chop - what is this meat?

The pork loin is obtained from the meat near the spine. It is divided into a pork loin, called a pork neck or ham, and a real pork loin. Common loin contains much less fat and connective tissue than pork neck, which means that it has different culinary uses. The pork loin is divided even more precisely - into the front, middle and back. The front is fatter, while the middle and back are the leanest pieces of pork. A good pork loin has a light or dark pink color.

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Pork loin is one of the most frequently bought meats by Poles. Interestingly, despite the fact that pork is so popular in Polish dishes, we eat it about 20 kg less per year than, for example, the Spanish and the Danes.

Darker meat is more flavorful.Pork loinis firm, tender meat with a uniform structure with a slight even overgrowth of fat, covered with a thin film. The meat is marbled, which means that the intramuscular fat is evenly distributed throughout the meat. As a result, the pork loin is characterized by uniformity, tenderness and delicacy. It belongs to the highest quality meats. In shops you can buy a boneless pork loin, with bone and in the form of ready-made cutlets.

Pork loin and pork chops - calories (kcal) and nutritional values ​​

Pork is wrongly equated with fatty meat with negligible nutritional value. Lean pieces of pork loin, i.e. back and middle, have the calorific value and content of wholesome protein similar to chicken breast, which is commonly considered dietary and lean meat. Pork loin is also lower in calories than beef and has slightly more protein than this meat.

100 g of pork loin provides an average of 120 kcal, 21 g of protein and 3-4 g of fat.

The fat in pork loin is not only saturated fatty acids (1.5 g / 100 g), but also monounsaturated (1.8 g / 100 g) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (0.5 g / 100 g) recommended in preventing heart disease. A 100-gram portion of pork loin contains 48 mg of cholesterol, which is 16 percent. the recommended daily amount supplied with the food.

Pork loin is also a very good source of B vitamins, whose role is primarily to control metabolic processes and influence the proper functioning of the nervous system. A 100-gram portion of pork loin covers the body's needs for:

  • thiamin (vitamin B1) in 35%
  • riboflavin (vitamin B2) in 12%
  • niacin (vitamin B3) in 43 percent.
  • pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) in 7%
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6) in 36%
  • 9% cobalamin (vitamin B12)

Pork loin also provides selenium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, copper and iron. However, it contains less iron than beef and offal such as liver.

Roasted pork loin and more

Pork loin dishes are prepared by stewing, baking and frying. The most popular isroasted pork loin , stuffed with prunes .

Pork loin is also used in the production of cold cuts, smoking, marinating and curing. Fresh pork loin can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 7 degrees Celsius in large pieces for up to 3 days, and in small pieces - one day. Frozen pork loin is stored for 4-6 months at the temperature from -10 degrees C to -18 degrees C. It is best to defrost the pork in the cooling section of the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 - 7 degrees C. or wrapped in foil in a vessel with water changed regularly every 30 degrees minutes until the meat is thawed. Heat-treated pork should not be cold, but at room temperature. As a result, in contact with high temperature, the meat will release less water, it will be softer and more juicy. Small pieces take around 30 minutes to reach room temperature and large pieces around 2 hours.

Pork roulades and pork chops

Also popularpork chopsin breadcrumbs orsaute. A middle pork loin is best for roast, and a front and back pork chop. Breaded pork chops are several times more caloric than sautéed, because the breading strongly absorbs the fat from frying. The pork chop, without which we cannot imagine Polish cuisine at present, is a relatively young dish. It does not appear in cookbooks until the 19th century. Also popular arepork roulades , stuffed and baked.

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