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Female libido is a puzzle for women and their partners, as well as for doctors. Some people compare female lust to a butterfly - as delightful as it is … timid. Desire can build up between partners all day, and in the evening it is enough for a woman to hear the male "immediately" when asked to wash the dishes and the desire for sex squirts like a soap bubble.

Why don't I feel like having sex?

Hormones are often blamed for not wanting to have sex.It's true, hormones are largely responsible for our moods, and also - for the feeling of wanting sex- admits Aleksandra Demiańczyk, biologist, fertility expert at the distributor of Lady-Comp computers.If we are talking about the female monthly cycle, the cyclical fluctuations of sex hormones that occur in it significantly affect the level of libido. And yes - the first phase of the ovulation cycle is dominated by estrogens, which makes you want to have sex more. After ovulation, a hormone called progesterone increases in her body, which calms down the libido. Our libido reaches the lowest level shortly before menstruation due to a decrease in the level of both progesterone and estrogen. However, it should be remembered that in each of you the level of hormones is slightly different, there are different fluctuations, so there may also be changes in the scope of the feeling of desire.Piotr Pałagin, a doctor and psychotherapist in an interview with Irena Stanisławska in the book "Where does sex live" (published by Czarna Owca, 2010) claims that ladies who generally have high estrogen levels are quite mild and are more likely to have sex (despite the fact that the level of estrogen drops), while ladies who are characterized by a naturally high level of progesterone do not show the desire for love games, and are simply "pissed off".

Contraceptive pills and a decrease in libido

The sensitivity of the endocrine system explains the frequent decrease in libido after using hormonal contraception - many women, wanting to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy in this way, suddenly start to lose the desire for intercourse. An alternative for them can be Lady-Comp or Pearly computers, which do not interfere with the hormonal balance of a woman, so they do not inhibit the natural level of libido.

Aversion to sex after childbirth

The level is also influenced by prolactin - the hormone in the highest concentration found in uwomen after childbirth.High levels of prolactin blocks ovulation and lowers sex drive- says Aleksandra Demiańczyk.This is a naturally occurring phenomenon designed to prevent the next conception from being conceived too quickly. Prolactin gives the mother's body time to regenerate and allows you to focus on caring for the baby. This condition can also occur without having previously given birth. We are then dealing with pathological conditions that need to be treated. High levels of prolactin can be caused, for example, by a disturbed pituitary gland or tumors within it.

The thyroid gland can affect your sex too

Not all of us will associate a small gland - the thyroid gland, with the desire or lack of it for sex. Meanwhile, with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's disease, there is a decreased libido. In this case, it is necessary to visit a good specialist, conduct tests of the level of individual thyroid hormones and select the appropriate treatment.

Scientists know what influences desire

Scientists have been checking what influences desire for many years. Here are some interesting facts:
- Dark chocolate increases the level of dopamine, and the bioflavonoids contained in it have a good effect on blood vessels, which improves blood circulation. In turn, the sugar dose contained in chocolate can also give energy to amorous fun.
- Research has shown a positive effect of a glass of red wine on sexual desire in women. Red wine dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to key areas of arousal, but beware! - Too much alcohol has the opposite effect.
- Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women perceive men wearing red as sexier.

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