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A rash in an infant, as well as a rash in a slightly older child, can take various forms - it can be various spots, spots and papules. The causes of a rash in a child can be very different. It can be the result of allergies, dermatological problems, or an infection caused by an infectious disease. When is the rash in a child harmless and when does it require specialist intervention?

Child rashmay have a variety ofcauses . The diagnosis should be made by a doctor, but you should also be able to recognize the most common types. If a child has a rash but is otherwise fine, it is enough to observe them for a day or two. Perhaps the pimples will disappear and you will not need to see a doctor. If this does not happen, go to a dermatologist with your baby. If, on the other hand, the child has a rash, and at the same time has a fever, it is weakened, then it is most likely that he has contracted one of the childhood diseases. The rash caused by infection is easy to recognize because it appears in specific places and forms characteristic patterns. Then it is necessary to visit a pediatrician who will assess the scale of the disease and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Child rash: rubella

Rubella is a viral infectious disease.The rashappears as tiny pale pink spots that are quite loose.Where does it appear?Follow ears, then spreads to the trunk.Accompanying symptoms:mild fever, enlarged lymph nodes.How to relieve the child?Skin changes are not bothersome and not you need to lubricate them.When to see a doctor?The rash should disappear without a trace after three or four days. Consult your pediatrician if your child is less than six months old, has a high fever or symptoms persist for a few days.

Child's rash: allergic eczema and hives

Allergic eczema and urticaria is an allergy caused by any food ingredient or by environmental allergens (e.g. mites, animal hair, pollen). Allergy can also be caused by substances found in washing powders or children's cosmetics.Rashis in the form of hives - blisters with clear contours and a flat surface. They can be very large.Where does it appear?The rash may occur onthe whole body, most often on the abdomen, hands, mouth.Accompanying symptomsdepend on the cause of the allergy, but the skin is always itchy. Urticaria may be accompanied by malaise, stomach pains, runny nose and cough, shortness of breath, colic or vomiting.How to relieve the child:The affected skin should be covered with ointment that alleviates itching and possibly given antihistamines (infants may be advised to use them only a doctor).When to see a doctor?If the itching or accompanying symptoms are severe and do not disappear despite eliminating their potential causes.

Child rash: scabies

Scabies is a disease caused by mites of the genus scabies.Rashmay appear as fluid-filled lumps, pustules, tiny blisters. Characteristic are the several-millimeter-long convexities with a grayish bulge - these are subcutaneous corridors carved by scabies.Where does it appear?Most often on the hands and wrists (mainly between the fingers), in the wrist bends, underarm folds, elbows, head, neck, soles of the feet.Accompanying symptoms:itching.How to relieve a child?It is necessary to treat with preparations prescribed by a doctor.When to see a doctor?As soon as symptoms of infection appear.

Child rash: atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic allergic skin disease.The rashin infants appears as papules on the erythematous basis.Where does it appear?Usually first on the cheeks, then all over the mouth. Also in the bends of the elbows and under the knees (here the skin often darkens).Accompanying symptoms:dry, often scaly skin, severe itching.How to relieve a child?Systematically moisturize and lubricate the skin with emollients. Occasionally, you may need steroid treatment.When to see a doctor?When the itching is very troublesome, the child scratches his skin. l

Baby rash: diaper rash

Diaper dermatitis is an inflammation caused by diaper rash in babies wearing diapers; skin irritation from urine and stools.Rash . The light form of diaper dermatitis takes the form of erythematous changes, i.e. reddening of the skin. Heavier is numerous pimples that turn into erosions.Where does it appear?On the skin under the diaper, sometimes also on the thighs.Associated symptoms:pain, burning, sometimes increased temperature.How to relieve a child?Diseased places should be lubricated with anti-chafing ointment. A toddler should be without a diaper as often as possible, because the skin has itaccess to fresh air, heals faster.When to see the doctor?When the inflammation covers a large area of ​​the skin (e.g. the entire buttocks), the baby has a fever, cries or has developed an infection - pus oozes from the erosions.

Rash in a child: three-day fever, i.e. sudden erythema

Sudden erythema (three-day fever, three-day fever) is an acute infectious disease, usually affecting children up to 24 months of age.Rashappears as flat, red spots.Where does it appear?First on the torso, then on the hands and feet. Characteristically, the rash appears shortly after the toddler has a fever and lasts for 2-3 days. When the rash appears, the child's condition improves.Accompanying symptoms:high temperature that drops in 3-4. day of illness.How to relieve a child?The three-day fever cannot be treated. The toddler should drink a lot, and when his body temperature rises above 38 ° C, he should be given antipyretics for children.When to see a doctor?Always - every infant with a fever should be examined by a pediatrician to rule out other causes (e.g. otitis, bacterial infection, etc.).

Child rash: shingles

Shingles is a viral disease that occurs in children who have had chickenpox.Rashare small blisters that appear on reddened skin.Where does he appear?Usually on a narrow strip of skin on one side of the torso and on the face.Accompanying symptoms:burning, severe pain.How to relieve a child?It is necessary to give the child painkillers and relieve itching (in the same way as with smallpox).When to see a doctor?Always at the first symptoms.

Child rash: heat rash

Prickly heat is the effect of sweat retention in the mouths of the sweat glands.Rashappears as tiny blisters filled with a clear liquid.Where does it appear?In places prone to overheating, e.g. in folds of the skin.Accompanying symptoms:none.How to relieve a child?Sweats are not annoying.When to see a doctor?When the fluid in the bubbles is not clear and the surrounding skin turns red.

Child rash: scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is also known as scarlet fever. Acute bacterial infectious disease. The rash looks like tiny red spots that stick together into groups (big pinkish red patches). The baby looks as if it has been stabbed with a rice brush.Rashmay appear up to 24 hours after the onset of the fever.Where does it appear?All over the body, under the arms, on the insideside of the limbs.Accompanying symptoms:fever, stomach and throat pains. The throat is dark red, the tongue is wrinkled like a raspberry.How to relieve a child?The disease is treated with an antibiotic. The rash disappears by itself after a week. Then the skin (especially on the hands and feet) starts to peel - you need to lubricate it with cream.When to see the doctor?When the child starts to have a fever.

Child rash: measles

Measles is an infectious viral disease. Infants aged 6-12 months are exposed to it (the younger ones are protected with antibodies obtained from their mother, the older ones - vaccinated at 13 months of age).Rashappears as red, irregularly shaped spots.Where does it appear?First in the mouth, on the mucous membranes (here in the form of white spots), then all over the body.Associated symptoms:runny nose, "barking" cough, photophobia and conjunctivitis, increased temperature.How to relieve your childSkin with a rash should be smeared with a zinc oxide emulsion, which will soothe itching. If your child has a fever, they must be given appropriate antipyretics, and if they are coughing, they must be given drops or syrup.When to see a doctor?When a fever appears. l

Child rash: chickenpox

Chicken pox is an infectious viral disease.Rashappears as asymmetrical spots. After a few hours, they turn into lumps and then into fluid-filled bubbles. The bubbles gradually turn into brown scabs that fall off over time.Where does it appear?First on the head, then all over the body. The rash appears in 3-5 bouts, so there are both fresh spots and dried crusts on the skin.Accompanying symptoms:fever, severe itching.How to relieve a child?Skin lesions should be lubricated with preparations that soothe itching and accelerate drying. Bathing in a solution of potassium permanganate helps.When to see the doctor?When the child scratches the vesicles and becomes inflamed or the lesions are extensive and have affected the mucous membranes.

Baby rash: newborn acne

This is the effect of mom's hormones that stimulate the baby's sebaceous glands.Rashresembles acne in teenagers.Where does it appear?On the face.Accompanying symptoms:none.How to ease your child?Gently wash your skin with boiled water and dry it with a disposable towel. Don't squeeze the pimples.When to see the doctor?Does not require medical intervention.

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