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The rate at which insulin is absorbed depends on where you inject your insulin. Insulin is usually administered subcutaneously into fatty tissue. It is less prone to damage than muscles, and the injection hurts less.

Insulincan beinjectedinto the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. Most preparations are absorbed fastest from the abdominal area, then from the arms, then from the thigh, and most slowly from the buttock. Sometimes the injection site may be chosen according to the rate at which the insulin is absorbed. If you want to eat a meal right after injecting the drug, it's best to choose the abdominal area from where insulin penetrates the blood most rapidly. But it is worth knowing that when we give an injection in the buttock and then we exercise intensively, the drug will be absorbed faster than if it was administered in the abdomen.

Best places to inject insulin

Which insulin to inject where?

  • fast-acting / short-acting insulins (human insulin or insulin analogues) should be injected into the abdomen,
  • longer-acting insulins (medium-long or long-acting) should be administered in the thigh or buttock,
  • insulin mixes (human or analogs) are administered in the abdomen in the morning and into the buttock or thigh in the evening. It is also important to consciously change the place of administration of the drug, which prevents the formation of subcutaneous lumps and loss of skin sensitivity in this area. Injecting insulin into thickened tissue is less painful, but the drug is less absorbed from there.
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14 - this is the glycemic index of inulin.Inulin is a substance for obtaining, among others, from chicory. It has a sweet taste (though not as strong as sugar), but it is not digested, so it does not increase the level of glucose in the blood, it does not make you fat, on the contrary - it slows down the absorption processes. This is what her low glycemic index (GI) tells us, which is how quickly blood sugar will rise after consuming a given product. The highest GI has cooking sugar (100).

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