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Penis (penile) curvature is natural and should not be a cause for concern in most cases. However, if the curvature of the penis makes intercourse difficult (and sometimes even makes it impossible) or causes psychological discomfort, consultation with a urologist is recommended. What is the treatment of a curved penis? When is it necessary to straighten the penis surgically? Is it possible to straighten a curved penis with exercises?

Penis (penis) curvatureis usually noticed until puberty - with erections. During an erection, the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood unevenly, which results inpenile curvature to the left , inright , up or down. A slight curvature of the penis (e.g. of the order of 15 degrees) does not usually reduce the quality of sex life. Only a large angle of curvature, greater than 30 degrees, may make intercourse difficult (most often due to pain during an erection or pain in the partner), and even prevent sexual intercourse. In such cases, the intervention of a doctor is necessary.

Congenital penile (penile) curvature - causes

Penis curvature can be congenital. Then it usually accompanies other congenital malformations of the genitourinary system, most often those whose essence is the incorrect position of the external opening of the urethra on the penis, i.e.

You can determine how much your penis is bent. It is enough to take a photo of the erect penis and measure the angle of curvature.

  • hypospadias - when the urethral outlet is at the back of the penis. Then there is an abdominal curvature of the penis ( downward curvature of the penis );
  • eagerness - when the urethral opening is on the dorsal side of the penis. Then there is a dorsal curvature of the penis ( curvature of the penis upwards );

Penis curvature may also be the result of uneven development of the corpora cavernosa (thensideways curvature of the penisappears). In rare cases, it occurs as a separate (isolated) birth defect.

Acquired penis (penile) curvature - causes

The most common acquired cause of penile curvature is Peyronie's disease(plastic sclerosis of the penis). In its course, there is fibrosis of the whitish sheath of the penis (you can feel hardening in the form of plaques on the shaft of the penis), which results in penile deformation, pain, and in some patients also erectile dysfunction. The disease most often affects men over 40.

Another possible cause of curvature ispenile fracture , which can be talked about when the whitish membrane of the penis is broken. In addition to curvature (the penis has the characteristic shape of a saxophone), there is also a strong pain in the penis, swelling and hematoma, and a characteristic crackle of a broken branch.

Phimosis may also contribute to penile curvature, i.e. narrowing the foreskin that prevents it from being pulled beyond the glans penis, or the frenulum of the foreskin is too short. In these cases, during erection, pain and curvature of the penis appear in different directions.

Penis curvature can also be a complication after surgical treatment of prostate diseases.

Penis (penis) curvature - indications for treatment

If penis curvature does not adversely affect a man's sex life, treatment is not necessary. Men whose penis curvature causes pain during erection (or pain in their partner during intercourse), difficulties in having sexual intercourse or inability to have it, should see a doctor. Also men whose penis curvature has a negative impact on their well-being and causes emotional problems should consult a specialist, because psychological discomfort is also an indication for treatment. The doctor can choose between pharmacological and surgical treatment.

Penis (penile) curvature - drug treatment

Pharmacological treatment is most often used in the case of Peyronie's disease. The patient is administered colchicine, potassium para-aminobenzoate or vitamin E. Alternatively, administration of steroids by injection directly into the corpus cavernosum in the penis may also be considered. This type of treatment may take several months. In some cases, an operation may be performed.

Penis (penile) curvature - surgical straightening of the penis

There are many methods of surgical penile straightening, but the most popular is theNesbit method . Before surgery, saline is poured into the corpus cavernosum of the penis to induce an erection. Then, those parts of the penis are narrowed where there are no scarring changes and the penis is straightened. Unfortunately, as a result of using this method, the penis may be slightly shortened.

Penile curvature cannot becorrect with any exercises.

Another method of penile straightening is the Schroeder-Essed method, which involves folding the whitish sheath by applying appropriate insoluble sutures. Correction of the defect can also be made by cutting out thickened tissues that cause penile curvature and grafting in their place "patches" of various materials, such as vein, skin, fascia or synthetic materials.

After the surgery, the patient remains in the hospital for 1-2 days. Immediately after the procedure, there is swelling of the penis and impaired sensation that disappear spontaneously. Sexual activity is not recommended for the first two months after surgery.

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