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Training on isotonic machines is a proposal of strength training that strengthens and develops all muscle groups. It works well for beginners, because it does not expose the muscles to too much overload and allows the body to gradually get used to more and more intense effort. Watch the video in which the instructor Michał Piekarski shows training with the use of isotonic machines.

Training on isotonic machinesconsists of seven exercises performed on seven different devices. It covers all the major muscle groups: abdomen, legs, arms and back. It is suitable for both beginners and more advanced as an addition to exercises with free weights. It works comprehensively - it strengthens the body, shapes the body and increases endurance.

Watch the video in which the instructor Michał Piekarski shows how to properly perform training on isotonic machines.

Training on isotonic machines - training plan

Perform each exercise for a given body part in 3 series of 10-12 repetitions. Rest for 60 seconds between sets. For best results, train 3 times a week (with a minimum one-day break between workouts).

You can spend your free days on fitness training, for example using cardio machines available at the gym.

1. Exercise for the upper back muscles

For this exercise, use a rowing machine to train your back muscles. First, set the correct load - it should be adapted to your capabilities. Select the appropriate seat height so that the front backrest is near the sternum. Remember to keep your back straight all the time. Grasp the handles with both hands and pull the lift pulleys towards you as you pull them back. In the final phase of the movement, the poles should be at the height of the backrest. When moving the lift away, do not straighten your arms as far as possible, but keep them slightly bent. Pay attention to the correct breathing: when drawing a load, breathe out, when you move away - inhale.

2. Exercise for the pectoral muscles, deltoids and triceps

The exercise on the chest muscle machine is to press the weight forward horizontally. Set the correct weight and height of the seat (the handles should be at shoulder height). Grab the sticks with the grip, bendright an elbows, straighten your back. Push the weight in front of you, hold for a second, then let go. When pressing, do not straighten your elbows as much as possible. Remember to breathe properly: when the weight goes up and your muscles tense, breathe out, when it goes down and your muscles relax - inhale.

3. Leg muscles exercise

In this exercise, use a leg muscle training machine (it can be a horizontal crane or a leg-pushing device). Start by adjusting the chair's backrest - it is best to set it in the middle position. Choose the right weight and place your legs on the vertical front support - set your feet wide enough for a fist to fit between them, and bend your legs at an angle of less than 90 degrees. Grasp the bars under the seat, rest your head on the chair and push the weight away from you without fully extending your legs. Then bend your knees to a right angle and push the weight forward again.

4. Exercise for the lower back muscles

Rest your legs on an inclined bench - the front part of the legs should fit snugly against the bench, and the hipbones should be just above its edge. Position your torso so that it extends your legs. Put your hands behind your head and bend forward until your torso and legs are at a 90-degree angle. Then get up so that your whole body is in a straight line again. Try to keep your head still.

5. Abdominal Exercise

Take a seat on the abdominal tense machine. Set the appropriate load and height of the sponge - it should be exactly at the bend of the leg and foot. Grasp the bars of the upper lift and lean on the chair, slightly rounding your back. Bend down while lifting the weight with your legs and arms at the same time. Try to keep the weights in the air while going down (do not put them down completely).

6. Leg abductors exercise

Perform the exercise on a special machine for training the abductors muscles. Set the correct weight. Sit on the armchair, rest your legs on the footrest. Point your toes upwards and bring your knees together. Grasp the poles on both sides of the seat and reach your legs to at least a 90 degree angle. Don't put your weight down completely when joining your knees - keep your muscles taut at all times.

7. Leg adductors exercise

Exercise for antagonistic muscles, i.e. adductors. They are performed on an adductor muscle training machine. As in the previous exercise, select the appropriate weight, sit on the armchair and put your feet on the footrest. Use the pull-up bar to adjust your knees so that the angle between your thighs is over 90 degrees. Grasp the handles on bothsides of the seat and bring the legs towards you, then swing sideways to a 90 degree angle.

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