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Remedies for hiccups will allow us to quickly get rid of this harmless but troublesome ailment. Hiccups can arise at the most unexpected moment because it is caused by stress, irritation of the stomach, e.g. from spicy foods, and alcohol-based drinking. Check out some effective ways to get rid of hiccups.

Remedies for hiccupsare especially useful when the hiccups appear when you least expect them.Hiccups is irregular and violent contraction of the diaphragm and chest respiratory muscles due to irritation of the phrenic nerve. When the diaphragm begins to work intensively, we no longer have control over even breathing, which is manifested by a characteristic sound.

Remedies for hiccups - hold your breath

Get as much air as possible into your lungs. Then inject-May-breathe for as long as you can and, in the meantime, swallow your saliva.

Remedies for hiccups - get scared

The frightened person holds his breath, so the concentration of carbon dioxide in the body increases and the choking reflex stops. Therefore, sudden surprise or frightening should help you overcome the hiccups.

Remedies for hiccups - eat a teaspoon of sugar

When the body focuses on swallowing sugar, the diaphragm returns to its normal rhythm.

Remedies for hiccups - swallow pieces of ice

Swallowing pieces of ice also distracts the body from irregular diaphragm contractions and helps get rid of hiccups.

Remedies for hiccups - drink a glass of water in one breath

Inhibiting air increases the amount of CO2 in your body, which inhibits hiccups. Additionally, the body will need to focus on swallowing the water, so the hiccups shouldn't come back.

Remedies for hiccups - patting on the back

The vibration of a pat on the back can help the diaphragm return to its normal rhythm.

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Infant hiccups

If your baby swallows too much air while breastfeeding, the nerve endings in the diaphragm may become irritated, causing hiccups. If the hiccups persist after a few minutes, or if the hiccups happen more and more often, please contactdoctor as the infant may have stomach problems.

Hiccups in children

Hiccups in children may be the result of, for example, loud laughter or screaming, which strongly stimulate the nervous system. In such a situation, please follow the above-mentioned ways. If, despite home treatment, irregular diaphragm contractions do not stop, see your doctor.

Hiccup after lunch

Hiccups are very often the result of overeating. When large amounts of food are consumed in a short period of time, the stomach stretches and presses against the diaphragm, resulting in a sharp contraction and hiccups.

The diaphragmatic nerves also irritate cold and hot drinks, as well as alcoholic drinks that relax the muscles and disrupt the diaphragm. Eating too fast causes you to unknowingly swallow the air that fills your stomach, which increases your diaphragm contractions and causes hiccups.

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