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Bigos - this traditional, old Polish, homemade - is a dish made of sauerkraut, with the addition of meat, mushrooms, plums and spices. It is commonly believed that bigos is difficult to digest, but the vegetarian one does not have to be that way. What are the nutritional values ​​of bigos? How much calories does bigos have? Is bigos good for slimming?

Bigos- the traditional, old Polish, homemade - a dish made of sauerkraut or sweet, fresh or mixed, stewed with finely chopped various types of meat, with spices (such as such as cumin, bay leaf, allspice, seeds of juniper or marjoram), dried mushrooms and plums, sometimes dry red wine. Bigos can be meat or vegetarian - the latter can be found on the Christmas Eve table.

Traditional, homemade, Old Polish bigos

Starting with cabbage - the main ingredient - there are three possibilities: bigos can consist of fresh (white) sauerkraut in various proportions, only sour or only fresh. If you cook bigos from both types of cabbage, you can mix them immediately or - better - cook each of them separately. An essential ingredient is meat (the more the better, but without exaggeration).

Variety is important - pork and beef, it is good to add a piece of duck or goose, venison, some smoked meat, sausage. There is no consensus as to how the meats are prepared.

Some people think that cabbage is added to meat already baked. In this variant, the most convenient option is to put the meat in a baking sleeve and bake it. Then you need to cut them and add them to the cabbage along with the sauce. You can also use leftover roasts.

Others fry the meat first, then stew it together with the cabbage. Dried mushrooms give the bigos its flavor and color. They need to be soaked, boiled, chopped and added with the broth to the cabbage and meat. A desirable addition is dry red wine. You can also add prunes.

After cooking, put the bigos in a cool place. The next day, heat and cool the bigos again. On the third day we repeat the operation. You have to be careful each time that the bigos does not burn. Then it can be frozen in small portions and reheated as needed - this is the best.

You can cook an equally delicious dish from the same ingredients, but in just half an hour.You need a pressure cooker that builds up high pressure and has a temperature of over 110 ° C. This method has another advantage - when cooking cabbage in a traditional way, its smell spreads throughout the apartment, while the hermetically sealed pressure cooker does not allow the smells to leak out.

Bigos - how many calories does bigos have?

100 g of vegetarian stew contains 80 kcal and:

Protein1.00 g
Fat6.00 g
Carbohydrates6.00 g
Simple sugars2.00 g
fiber2.00 g
Sodium490 mg
Calcium40 mg
Iron0.18 mg
Vitamin C4.5 mg
Vitamin A100 IU

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Bigos - recipe. How to make bigos?

Bigos - Magda Gessler's recipe

Bigos - is it he althy?

The bigos consists of sauerkraut, which contains a lot of vitamin C. Unfortunately, it is mostly lost during cooking. Sauerkraut is also a source of B vitamins, which include soothe the nerves. It also contains a lot of fiber, which makes you feel full. The downside of sauerkraut is that it contains a lot of s alt.

Another ingredient of the stew are various types of meat - pork, beef, game (it is used to make hunting stew), poultry, and sausage. Beef and pork are red meat that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They can be replaced with dietary chicken meat. Sauerkraut stew with chicken is certainly a he althier alternative to the traditional, old Polish one.

Another ingredient, mushrooms, makes bigos hard to digest. Mushrooms stay in the stomach for a long time, and additionally provide little vitamins (only those from groups B and A) and minerals.

It's a good idea to add plums to the stew. The stew with prunes is the best solution because prunes. They contain as much as 10 g of dietary fiber per 100 g - more than raw fruit. However, they are quite caloric (100 g is 360 kcal).

You cannot forget about the properties of spices that are added to the stew. Marjoram stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric juices, so it can be used, among others. for digestive problems. Cumin has similar properties. Thanks to these spices, there is more bigosdigestible for the stomach.

Traditional bigos is a fairly high-calorie dish. All because of the fatty meat content. 100g of bigos with bacon has 119 calories, 9.9 g of fat, 18 mg of cholesterol. We often eat it with a piece of white bread, which makes this dish even more caloric. Vegetarian bigos is less caloric - 100 g provides 80 kcal and 6 g of fat.

Worth knowing

Bigos - types

  • Lithuanian bigos - made of cabbage with the addition of sour wine apples
  • Hultajski bigos - it consists of finely sliced ​​meat and lard
  • Hungarian bigos - seasoned with hot pepper and cream
  • Galician bigos - based on white cabbage, potatoes and white beans
  • hunting bigos - usually pieces of roast deer, deer or hare are added to it
  • vegetarian bigos - meat is replaced with soybean cube
  • courgette stew - the cabbage is replaced with the zucchini.


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The text uses excerpts from the article by Justyna Nowicka from the monthly "Zdrowie".

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