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Retinal and vitreous diseases affect both adults and children. However, today, thanks to the development of technology, medicine is able to deal with most of these ailments.

There are manyeye diseasesthat require surgical treatment. Among them are:diseasesretina, bleeding, penetrating injuries of the eyeball and post-traumatic conditionseye , also with the presence of a foreign body inside the eye.

Eye diseases: treatment methods

Diseases of the retina and vitreous body belong to this group of eye diseases, in which the range of treatment options, especially surgical ones, has significantly improved in recent times. Treatment of diseases of the retina and vitreous body includes conservative treatment. When it comes to laser techniques, one-time or several times repeated laser therapy of the retina may be at stake. Surgical techniques, on the other hand, include a number of surgical activities performed from the outside of the eye and manipulations performed directly inside the eyeball with the use of various surgical micro tools.

Treatment of eye diseases: vitrectomy

This is often a last-resort procedure. Vitreoretinal procedures (vitrectomy) are used to stabilize, restore or improve the function of the retina. This technique involves the mechanical trimming of the vitreous - the jelly-like structure filling the rear largest chamber of the eye. During the procedure, 3 linear entrances are made in the sclera (the layer forming the wall of the eyeball), 0.5 to 1 mm long, through which surgical instruments and substances necessary for the procedure are inserted into the eye. After the vitreous excision, depending on the cause of the operation, the local condition of the operated eye and postoperative prognosis, the eyeball is filled with a special substance. It can be sterile fluid, sterile air or an expansion gas mixture (SF6, C3F8, etc.) as well as silicone oil.

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