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Mustard is not only a spice that has been widely used in the kitchen. It is also a herb whose he alth properties have been appreciated in medicine for many years. Its therapeutic effect should be used especially by people struggling with rheumatic pains. Produced from the seeds of this plant, the so-called Mustard pillows soothe unpleasant ailments. Check what other properties white and black mustard have.

Mustardis a plant from the cabbage family. The seeds of some of its species have founduseas a spice and raw material for the production of mustard, and - due tohe alth properties- as a therapeutic agent in natural medicine. Already the Sumerians used the he alth effects of mustard seed, treating mushroom poisoning with it and relieving toothache and abdominal pain. In turn, the ancient Greeks and Romans considered mustard an aphrodisiac. Apparently, Pythagoras recommended the use of mustard patches on wounds from snake bites and scabs. On the other hand, in ancient China, mustard flour pulp made with honey and decoction of lily flowers was used to remove freckles, discolorations and other skin stains from the skin. Currently, several types of mustard seeds are used in herbal medicine and in cooking. The most popular iswhite mustard(light yellow -Sinapis alba ), which has a mild - for mustard - mustard( Brassicanigra ) has a much stronger taste, and the strongest -mustard sarepska(brown, Indian -Brassica juncea ), which "burns" the palate.

White mustard for stomach problems

White mustard seeds contain 15-18 percent. mucus in the skin and thus, after eating, they form a protective layer on the gastric mucosa. Thus, they reduce inflammation, soothe stomach pain and protect it from irritation. Therefore, aqueous extracts of white mustard seeds are used in digestive ailments, such as inflammation of the stomach and intestines, hyperacidity, ulcers.

In turn, whole seeds, taken in the right dose, swell in the digestive tract, loosen the fecal masses in the large intestine and have a mild effectlaxative, so they are a proven remedy for constipation. People struggling with this ailment are recommended to drink mustard decoction. To prepare it, pour 1 tablespoon of whole mustard seeds into 1 cup of lukewarm water and, slowly heating it, cook for 5 minutes. The decoction should be drunk together with the seeds in the amount of 1/4 to 1/3 cup after eating.

In contrast, ground white mustard seeds slightly stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and improve digestion, so it is recommended to take them in the absence of appetite or indigestion.

Worth knowing

Nutritional value of ground white mustard seeds (in 100 g / 1 teaspoon - 2 g)Energy value - 508/10 kcal Total protein - 26.08 / 0.52 g Fat - 36.24 / 0.72 g Carbohydrates - 28.09 / 0.56 g (including simple sugars 6.79 / 0.14) Fiber - 12.2 / 0.2 gVitaminsVitamin C - 7.1 / 0.1 mg Thiamine - 0.805 / 0.016 mg Riboflavin - 0.261 / 0.005 mg Niacin - 4.733 / 0.095 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.397 / 0.008 mg Folic acid - 162/3 µg Vitamin A - 31/1 IU Vitamin E - 5.07 / 0.10 mg Vitamin K - 5.4 / 0.1 µgMineralsCalcium - 266/5 mg Iron - 9.21 / 0.18 mg Magnesium - 370/7 mg Phosphorus - 828/17 mg Potassium - 738/15 mg Sodium - 13/0 mg Zinc - 6.08 / 0.12 mg

Fatty acidssaturated - 1.989 / 0.040 g monounsaturated - 22.518 / 0.450 g polyunsaturated - 10.088 / 0.202 g

Data Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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White mustard in the bay

Mustard seed is also a proven remedy for sinusitis. You can find out about it by pouring mustard seeds into bags made of densely woven linen. Then warm them up (e.g. in a frying pan or in the oven) and put them on the cheeks and forehead. The seeds must not be too hot so as not to burn the skin. Mustard seeds will speed up the opening of the respiratory tract. Depending on the needs, compresses can be repeated even several times a day. When the mucus starts to drain, gently blow your nose.

White mustard will relieve rheumatic pains

White mustard seeds are also used in folk medicine as a remedy for rheumatic pains. It is recommended to put canvas bags filled with seeds on the sick places. They can be left overnight or worn overnighton the day.

White mustard is characterized by a high content of pressure-regulating potassium, phosphorus strengthening bones and teeth, and the soothing nerves of niacin.

If the pains affect the lower limbs, put your feet ankle-deep in the mustard seeds, and if the pain is located in the upper limbs, put your hands in the seeds. On the other hand, if the pain is in the spine, then you have to lie down on the seeds scattered on the sheet. Use this method twice a day for 10 minutes, gradually increasing this time to 30 minutes over 7-10 days.


Mustard seed - contraindications

People with thyroid problems should not reach for mustard, because it contains goitreous substances. Mustard seeds can also reduce blood sugar levels, so people with diabetes should consult a doctor before consuming mustard seeds.

Black mustard for rheumatism and root pain

Modern phytotherapy recommends usingmustard oilin rheumatic pains, which is obtained fromblack mustard seeds . However, mustard oil itself is too strong and causes necrotic blisters on the skin, so it is used in the form of a 2% spirit solution, included in various liniments, e.g. in combination with camphor oil and turpentine oil, which can be rubbed in not only in rheumatic pains, but also in neuralgia.

Crushed black mustard seeds are also used (in the form of compresses) in rheumatic ailments - mainly in rheumatic pains (rheumatoid arthritis) - as well as in radiculitis and radiculitis. It is worth knowing that in the past, black mustard seeds in the form of slices were used as an aid in muscle pain, tendinitis, and even in bronchopneumonia and pleurisy.


Black mustard should be used sparingly

Black mustard seeds dilate subcutaneous blood vessels, cause local redness and a feeling of intense burning. This effect is so strong that after a short time, the skin may be damaged with symptoms of inflammation or even tissue necrosis. Therefore, they cannot be kept on the skin for more than a few minutes. For the same reason, black mustard seeds are not used internally - with too high doses taken orally, excessive congestion of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, and even damage to the kidneys and hematuria may occur. Long-term intake of mustard seedsblack, and even eating too often large amounts of hot mustard made of it, can lead to damage to the prostate gland and the formation of goiter. In contrast, white mustard seeds are very slightly irritating to the skin and do not cause redness or a feeling of heat or burning.

Mustard - use in the kitchen

Black mustard seeds are used to make spicy mustard (including Crimean mustard) and as a seasoning for meat. It is also an ingredient of Panch Phoron - a popular five-component spice mix, which also includes fenugreek, dill, black seed and cumin.

White mustard seeds, on the other hand, are used to make French (mild) mustard and as an addition to some marinades. They are also suitable for pickled and canned cucumbers, cabbage and mushrooms. Mustard seed is an indispensable addition to grilled meats and sauces, not only because it gives them a great taste, but also because it prevents them from spoiling.

It is worth knowing that ground mustard seeds are also available for sale, i.e.powdered mustard . It is an excellent base for making homemade mustard. Just add water, herbs or other spices (as desired) and mix. In sushi bars, mustard powder is often used as an addition to wasabi horseradish.

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White mustard oil - use in cosmetics

White mustard oil has softening and moisturizing properties. In addition, it reduces its flaking, which is why it is recommended as a care product for dry skin that requires regeneration. The oil can also be massaged into the hair and scalp to get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss. White mustard oil can be used pure, without dilution, or as an ingredient in mixtures with other oils (e.g. almond, avocado, jojoba).


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