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The famous Canadian doctor William Osler used to say that a good doctor deals with an illness, and a great one deals with a patient who has an illness. These words contain the definition of holistic medicine that can reach the deepest real causes of the disease and permanently remove them. Here's how you can use it.

Whoever grows a garden knows what fighting weeds is. Inaccurately torn out, they grow back. Therefore, it is always necessary to make sure that the roots are removed. The same applies to treating a disease. If the therapy only reduces or eliminates the symptoms of the disease, but does not reach its real causes - the disease will come back sooner or later.

Because it is based on many factors: from physical, through environmental, to emotional. This is what holistic medicine deals with, i.e. holistic medicine, which originates from the first treatment systems in the world, and is now gaining more and more importance in evidence-based medicine.

In ancient Greece, the birthplace of medicine, Hippocrates preached that a person should be treated as a whole - not just some organ. Because it's the only way to heal. The ancient Slavs also believed that man is part of the divine mother nature.

Therefore, they healed themselves by attuning to nature and drawing strength from the power of herbs and minerals. This approach to the patient and disease is used to this day by all types of medical systems close to nature.

Man as a whole

One of the basics of holistic medicine assumes that all phenomena on earth are subject to interaction and depend on each other. The same thing happens in the human body. There are many dependencies there, and one organ or function cannot exist without the other.

Therefore, it is impossible to consider individual parts of the organism separately, in isolation from the whole. For doctors dealing with holistic medicine, e.g. homeopathy, all external factors that may affect the patient will be important, such as: diet, sleep, living and work conditions, climate, environment, but also internal factors - emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences.

Usually not only the body is ill, but the disease affects us as a whole. So let's take a look at the factors that may affect the patient:


What we are currently eating issomething much more important than, until recently, only food. A doctor dealing with holistic medicine always includes an analysis of our eating habits in making a diagnosis. Ultimately, it is the modification of the daily menu that can be used as a remedy in many diseases, e.g. thyroid or those resulting from decreased immunity.

Sleep and rest

The whole of human well-being in a holistic approach also includes sleep and rest, which are now known to be the pillars of he alth. It is more and more talked about the fact that taking care of the regularity, but also the appropriate number of hours of sleep, can determine not only mental fitness, but also susceptibility to illness, and even a slim figure (robbing from sleep promotes eating - that is, gaining weight). ).

Climate and surroundings

Holism in medicine also takes into account our environment: air and climate. Smog pollution is considered to be one of the most important factors contributing to the growth of many diseases. The substances contained in it damage the ciliary epithelium of the respiratory mucosa (which opens the way for pathogenic microorganisms).

Therefore, the importance of minimizing the impact of pollution on our he alth and the beneficial effects of nature is emphasized - not only on our lungs, but also on peace. Therefore, prescribing e.g. careful walks in the forest (so-called forest baths) as a medicine does not surprise anyone anymore.


As we are a whole - with the body, but also with the head, i.e. our emotions - in holistic medicine, the mental condition of the patient is always taken into account. According to the principle that not only the body is sick, but the disease affects us as a whole. We don't say that my head feels bad, but I feel bad.

Assessing only the physical symptoms of the disease is not enough. Often, after all, headaches or stomach sensations occur not because of an infection, but when we are stressed. The remedy in this case is learning to deal with it, which will help you regain your balance and well-being.

Balanced diagnosis

Holistic therapy consists in careful observation of the patient. The example of homeopathy can be used here, in which the practicing physician spends up to two hours collecting a patient's medical history. Of course, he first considers the physical symptoms with which the patient comes to the doctor.

This will include pain, rash, cystitis, cold sores, diarrhea, and cold sores. In the next steps, he will look for the cause of a given he alth condition, which caused, for example, that we have a cold, or that we get infections too often.

What's more - a homeopath,will strive to find out about the individual response of a given patient. Analyzing further the example of a cold - he will want to know what kind of runny nose the patient has - transparent, pouring, or maybe a thick green?

It will even be important for a homeopath if our runny nose increases in a warm room and decreases in the open air. The circumstances that caused it are also important. So he will ask us whether, for example, a runny nose usually gets us after the so-called changing, i.e. staying in an air-conditioned room, in a strong wind or in a draft.

Or maybe it is most often caused by moisture - when we get sick often after getting wet in the rain. When it is possible to determine all this, it is possible to determine which medicinal substances and modification of habits will be beneficial for us - so that we do not get sick in the future. Our body will regain its natural balance and strength - which translates into better he alth.

Remember that according to holistic therapies, individual organs and systems are closely related. Therefore, any medical interference has far-reaching consequences. It is worth focusing on the one close to your individual needs.

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