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Alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders, depression, as well as previously little known pathologies such as sexholism, addiction to the telephone, Internet, gambling, workaholism or shopaholism are already classified as social diseases.

Depression, addictions, mental disorders are very democratic ailments. They affect people from all walks of life.
Dr Sławomir Wolniak, psychiatrist, head of the WOLMED Clinic:The easiest way is to reach out with arguments about the need for balance and harmony in life to professional groups other than management and management. Outpatient counseling, regular psychotherapy, and prioritization help them recover. However, managers most often respond to these recommendations: I HAVE NO TIME! They are young and in the prime of life, physically fit. They exploit their body to the limit and only when it refuses to obey them in earning money and developing a career, they try to look for support.
Unfortunately, the first salvation is usually not a doctor, but various types of consciousness- altering agents alcohol, drugs, medications and various stimulants .
Symptoms of workaholism are displayed by over 30% of executives in Poland. They work longer and longer, earn more, but the effort does not translate into the determined results. An exhausted brain is no longer able to objectively assess any professional, family or social situation. Overworked people who do not get any satisfaction with their actions have a disturbed hormonal balance that disrupts the functioning of the nerve connections.

Editorial:What are the symptoms in everyday life?
First of all, they become hyperactive, aggressive, they fall into depression, neurosis, become prone to psychosomatic diseases. Various headaches, emotional memory disturbances and many other serious and uncomfortable symptoms appear. You can temporarily restore your mental balance with the use of pharmacological agents, but without comprehensive therapy, maintaining it is very difficult.

Editorial:A serious problem - addiction is alcoholism. Research shows that in our country alcohol is consumed by over 90% of the population, including young people over 15 years of age. The problem affects younger and younger groups. Why we still know so little about this serious problem andsay?
Apart from medical specialists in this field, the media should play a huge role. After all, we should all care about a wise and he althy society.
Addictions are such a shameful and unpopular topic, and yet it can concern each of us or our loved ones. The result of addictions is not only the he alth damage of often very young people, but also social consequences in the form of, for example, aggressive behavior, theft / to get money for a bottle or "plot" / or even murders. Addiction also leads to violence against loved ones, as well as taking their own lives.
People affected by the problem have lost their human identity in a way. They are struggling with a serious, though not culpable, disease. When the moment comes that they realize that they want and can win against the disease, they go to centers such as ours. Here, in a friendly environment and with discretion, they will find medical and therapeutic care. It really is very difficult to get out of addiction successfully on your own. It is also very important that the patient is under professional care also after the treatment. We work with his relatives. The clinic does not leave him alone, which is one of the reasons why we are very successful. Our patients are not only Poles but also people from outside our country.

Editorial:Statistics say that addictions most often affect delicate and sensitive people, as well as those with low self-esteem.
S.W: First of all, the problem is with such people. In order to hide our weaknesses and complexes and show ourselves to others as a strong and self-confident individual, we reach for a glass or it is better immediately! We play a role that is only temporary because then the next day syndrome comes and we come back. And again you have to change the reality by stimulants because it works. It's a straightforward path to addiction! Potentially, each of us can be sick and unfortunately there are more and more sick people, but they are diligently hiding it. It is a disease of hypocrisy, denial and total manipulation. A disease that can be treated not only saving he alth, but also protecting against the loss of what is the most precious in life for every human being. Therefore, this problem must not be underestimated. During therapy, the patient learns how to deal with emotions and how to start a new life, free from any addictions.

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