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Varicose veins on the legs are a problem for many Polish women. Research shows that as much as 72 percent. women in our country complain of frequent or sporadic ailments related to venous insufficiency of the lower extremities, including varicose veins. It should be emphasized that such problems increase with age.

Where dovaricose veins come from Radziejewska-Choma.

How do varicose veins develop?

- In developed countriesvaricose veinsis an increasingly common problem. It is related to the abuse of standing and sitting position, while lack of movement. Adequate blood flow in the veins, especially in the legs, depends on the proper functioning of the so-called muscle pump, i.e. joints and muscles. With each muscle contraction, the blood in the veins moves towards the heart. The backflow of blood is prevented byvalves in the veins . When they are damaged, the blood begins to regress and accumulate in the superficial veins, which under its pressure expand, and thus lead tovaricose veins- explains the expert.

Sport - the best and cheapest remedy for varicose veins

The best medicine to protect againstvaricose veinsis sport, which probably does not please women who have office work. What kind of activity is best for our veins? - Recommended activities have common features: they are rhythmic, do not burden the joints, and do not force us to make sudden movements. It is ideal to walk or walk at a brisk pace, nornic walking. Cycling works very well, but not competitive. Swimming is perfect - it combines muscle training with water massage, which additionally improves blood flow. Dancing, golf, stretching exercises are also recommended - lists Dr. Radziejewska-Choma. The expert also emphasizes that not all sports have a positive effect on the veins of the lower extremities. He does not recommend his patients activities such as: - all strength sports; - canoeing; - tennis, especially squash; - jumping, throwing, e.g. volleyball and basketball; - alpine skiing.


Lack of regular exercise translates into worse condition of the legs. About 72% of women (25-55 years old) who do not exercise regularly feel frequent or sporadicailments related to venous insufficiency of the lower limbs .

- If we do not want to give up the sport we practice, and it may adversely affect the condition of our veins, it is worth taking precautions - adds the expert. - During training, we can put on special anti-varicose products, e.g. knee-high socks with gradual compression, and take orally preparations of micronized diosmin, which seal the walls of the vessels. It is also worth ensuring that our legs are he althy on a daily basis. Avoid excessive heating, sunbathing, high heels, tight underwear, and when sitting, do not put your feet on your feet, as this additionally hinders blood flow and may promote the development of varicose veins.

Does cross-legging favor varicose veins?

We often hear: "Don't cross your leg or you will have varicose veins!". Is it a myth or is it true? - Putting a leg on a leg is not the cause of varicose veins, but it may contribute to their formation in people with genetic predisposition or earlier damage to the vein for other reasons - says Dr. Radziejewska-Choma.

The study mentioned in the text was carried out by the Interactive Institute for Market Research on behalf of the manufacturer of the Aflavic preparation in December 2011. The survey included 1,000 women aged 25-55.

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