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Some people cannot imagine summer without a cold beer in their hand. For them, it is the perfect way to quench their thirst and cool down in hot weather. But does cold beer really cool and hydrate our body?

Cold beeris an inseparable attribute of many people, especially during hot summer days. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that quenching thirst with alcohol and consuming it in heat is one of the worstmistakeswe make.

Does cold beer cool down and quench thirst in hot weather?

Unfortunately not. Drinking beer on hot days neither quenches our thirst nor makes us cooler. Moreover, alcohol consumed in hot weather has a very negative effect on our he alth - mainly on the heart and circulatory system. This is because even a small dose of alcohol dilates blood vessels, raising our blood pressure, and this automaticallywarms our body .

Alcohol also worksdiuretic , so instead of hydrating our body,dehydrates it . And then we may have a headache, we may feel dizzy, nauseated, we may faint, and in extreme cases, dehydration may also lead todeath.

An additional disadvantage of drinking alcohol, and therefore also beer, in hot weather is the fact that under its influence, peopleoverestimate their abilities .

This can be fatal, especially when a person under the influence of alcohol decides to cool down and jumps into a lake or river. Very often in such cases there is a thermal shock and, as a result, cardiac arrest. This is why the statistics of drowning are topped by people who have entered drinking water.

People who have overdosed on percentages are also more likely to develop stroke, sunstroke, and sunburn because they do not protect themselves sufficiently from the sun.

Therefore, if you want to cool down quickly and efficiently, choose highly mineralized water or tomato juice instead of beer.

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