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Kisses can be different, which you surely know very well. But, although it seems that everyone can kiss, not everyone can do it in such a way as to take a shortcut to paradise. Because kissing is a real art. But you too can become a champion. Read a short kissing lesson where we introduce you to the different types of kisses.

A short kissing lesson - types of kissing

  • Dry kiss- innocent, with closed mouth. It's lip-bumping rather than realkissing . Most often it is an introduction to the so-called a kiss with a tongue. It is called dry, although lips can be moistened.
  • A kiss with a tongue- classic, is the basis of the kiss ars amandi. The lips should be slightly parted and the mouth slightly open. A tongue kiss looks like she or he slips his tongue into his partner's mouth and covers his tongue with his in circular motions. So he gets to know the inside of his partner's mouth using his own tongue. And after a few or several seconds, he sticks his tongue out and waits for his partner to set his tongue in motion. However, remember not to move your tongues at the same time, as it will cause a mishmash (some say: tongue salad), which is rather not conducive to excitement.

  • Deep kiss- this is a more exciting version of a kiss with a tongue. It consists in the fact that when she or he is with his tongue in his partner's mouth, he begins to dive deep there and suck his tongue. The tip of the tongue is very sensitive, there are many nerve endings here, so it is very stimulating. Especially for men for whom such penetration may be associated with intercourse.
  • American kiss- one of the pubic caresses of American teenagers (hence the name). Here's how it goes: he gently sucks on her upper lip while she caresses him with her lower lip. This is especially exciting for her as there are nerves on the upper lip of a woman connected to the clitoris.
  • Electric kiss- literally, because it is closely related to electricity, or rather the lack of it. So first turn off the light, and then stand with your bare feet on a woolen blanket or woolen carpet. And kiss each other, but be sure to open your eyes. If, during this kiss, you do not see the love sparkle between you, then you mustrepeat the kiss.
  • Crunchy kiss- this is how you can kiss not only the face, but the whole body of your partner. Crunching is about grabbing the skin lightly with your teeth and biting it lightly. And so, place after place. Some people find it very chilling.
  • Sucking kiss- can complement a crunchy kiss. In this case, the caress can also cover the whole body. Use your tongue to make circular and sucking movements, paying more attention especially to the neck, which is the most sensitive to this type of kissing.
  • Stroking kiss- can be used alternately with crunchy and sucking kisses. With your mouth slightly open and the tip of your tongue, stroke your partner's body. Remember to gently draw in air and let it out directly onto the part of his body stroked with kisses. This will increase the delight.
  • Smelling kiss- consists in… sniffing on the partner's body. Sprinkle, but very, very discreetly, parts of your body. The fun of olfactory kisses consists in the fact that the partner has to find fragrant places with his nose and cover them with kisses.
  • Intimate kiss- the most erotic kiss of all, because partners kiss each other in the innermost recesses of their bodies. Any improvisation is allowed here: you can suck, bite, lick, munch, etc. Who likes.
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