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You don't remember the name of a famous actress, the place where you put your glasses, the details of the conversation - such memory problems are normal. What to do so that they do not exceed it? Learn how to prevent memory problems.

We get the impression that memory shrinks with age. Meanwhile, she hardly changes. The brain retains the ability to register, process and reproduce information, even though we lose some nerve cells (neurons) during our lifetime. It is not a significant amount.

Why does memory deteriorate with age?

Mainly because it becomes sluggish, and then the number of connections (called synapses) between neurons decreases. The myelin sheath, which acts as an insulator on the fibers through which electrical impulses flow between nerve cells, weakens, which makes information processing slower. We are not helpless in the face of these changes.

For memory problems: exercise your brain

Regular mental effort regenerates neurons and creates new connections between them. And the more of them, the better the memory. Unfortunately, when watching TV series, the brain remains passive, so choose entertainment that is good for him to exercise, such as reading, solving crosswords, playing chess, bridge, Scrabble. Learn, gain new skills, e.g. sign up for a foreign language lesson, dance course.

For memory problems: feed gray cells well

You don't need to eat any special food to keep a good memory. All you need to do is follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet. It is rich in vegetables and fruits, which provide a lot of antioxidants that protect neurons from free radical attacks. There is no shortage of fatty marine fish and vegetable oils containing unsaturated fatty acids. They increase the speed of information flow between nerve cells and are an important component of cell membranes.

For memory problems: maintain social ties

Don't sneak into four walls. Cultivate contacts with relatives and friends. Get involved in their affairs, spend a lot of time with them. People who lead lively family and social life suffer from memory disorders less frequently. Talking to friends or answering millions of questions for a 3-year-old train concentration andquick thinking, with which we get into trouble with age.

How to improve memory? Don't get stressed

Worsens brain function as it increases the secretion of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands. Elevated levels of this hormone damage neurons, which in turn causes memory impairment. Therefore, try to relieve stress by using various relaxation methods (e.g. muscle relaxation combined with deep breathing) and exercises (especially those that involve the mind and body at the same time, e.g. yoga, tai-chi, dance) are helpful.

How to improve memory? Break with the routine

She puts the brain to sleep! But how to get rid of it? Using neurobionics. This is a set of simple exercises to change your daily habits. For example, put the sugar bowl in a different place, take the toothbrush in your left hand, go home another way, enter the code into the intercom with your left hand. Such changes activate the brain, which in turn causes the formation of new connections between neurons and an improvement in memory.

How to improve memory? Don't smoke, drink alcohol in moderation

Substances contained in tobacco smoke contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, which worsens the blood supply to the brain. Alcohol is a poison to which the brain is particularly sensitive. After drinking one beer, you may have problems with assessing the distance when parking the car, because such a small amount of the drink disturbs the work of nerve cells.

For memory problems: enjoy physical activity

This advice seems trivial, because we know that physical activity helps you stay young and he althy longer. We know, but that doesn't mean we're following this advice. Meanwhile, exercise has a great influence on mental performance. It improves blood circulation, and thus nourishes and oxygenates nerve cells. And they cannot live without oxygen. It takes part in all the processes that take place in them.

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