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Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke) is a plant that has unique properties. It can be used in the case of digestive and cardiovascular disorders. It is also a proven way to lose weight. In addition, due to the presence of inulin, it is recommended for diabetics to lower blood glucose levels. What other properties does Jerusalem artichoke have?

Jerusalem artichoke , otherwiseJerusalem artichoke( Helianthus tuberosus L .), Jerusalem artichoke or earthen pear is a plant related to the common sunflower (both belong to the Asteraceae family), which comes from North America. It was cultivated by the Indians in pre-Columbian times. Europeans learned about itspropertiesonly in the times of great geographical discoveries. In Poland, Jerusalem artichoke has been cultivated since 1730.

Healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke lowers blood sugar

Jerusalem artichoke tuber contains up to 17 percent. inulin(representing 75-80% of all carbohydrates) - a substance that transforms into fructose in the body, well tolerated by diabetics. Inulin helps to normalize blood glucose levels in the course of type 2 diabetes and to reduce insulin resistance.

Topinambur was grown by Indians from the Topinamboore tribe - hence the name of the plant

Jerusalem artichoke lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure

Inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke tubers also lowers the level of "bad" LDL cholesterol in the body, and thus prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Jerusalem artichoke also regulates blood pressure, which includes thanks to the high potassium content.

Jerusalem artichoke and cancer

Preliminary studies show that lactone sesquiterpenes isolated from Jerusalem artichoke have a cytotoxic effect on two breast cancer cell lines.

Antitumor activity is also demonstrated by proteins isolated from Jerusalem artichoke tubers.

Jerusalem artichoke regulates the digestive system

Inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke is a medium for the development of bacterial microflora, enabling proper digestion in the intestine.

In addition, inulin stimulates intestinal peristalsis, thus helping to get rid of constipation and prevent its formation. It also facilitates the absorption of iron,calcium and magnesium.

Jerusalem artichoke can prevent colon diseases

A diet rich in inulin, i.e. in Jerusalem artichoke, contributes to the elimination of pathogenic bacteria that cause diarrhea and colitis. As a consequence, it can prevent polyps and ulcers that can initiate cancerous diseases.

In addition, Jerusalem artichoke supports immunity, protects the liver and prevents urinary tract infections

Jerusalem artichoke cleanses the body

Inulin, in combination with pectins and fiber, cleanses the body by binding harmful compounds and accelerating their excretion, therefore Jerusalem artichoke is involved in detoxifying the body.

In addition, consuming Jerusalem artichoke tubers facilitates the removal of alcohol from the blood.

Jerusalem artichoke supports the work of the nervous system

Topinambur contains magnesium and B vitamins (in large amounts, especially niacin - vitamin B3), which support the work of the nervous system, e.g. have an anti-stress effect and increase the ability of mental concentration.

Nutritional values ​​of raw Jerusalem artichoke (per 100 g)

Energy value73 kcal
Total protein2 g
Fat0.01 g
Carbohydrates17.44 g (including simple sugars 9.60)
fiber1.6 g
Vitamin C4 mg
Tiamina0.200 mg
Riboflavin0.060 mg
Niacin1,300 mg
Vitamin B60.077 mg
Folic acid13 µg
Vitamin A20 IU
Vitamin E0.19 mg
Vitamin K0.1 µg
Calcium14 mg
Iron3.40 mg
Magnesium17 mg
Phosphorus78 mg
Potassium429 mg
Sodium4 mg
Zinc0.12 mg

Data Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Jerusalem artichoke for slimming

Topinambur is recommended for people struggling with overweight and obesity. The tubers of this plant contain fiber, which swells in the stomach, giving a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Jerusalem artichoke - varieties

Two varieties of sunflower are cultivated in Polandbulbous:

  • Albik - with white, club-shaped tubers,
  • Rubik, which has irregular, oval, purple tubers.

Besides, in the world there are, among others, variant:

  • Fuseau with elongated, smooth and white tubers,
  • Golden Nugget with conical, carrot-like tubers,
  • and Boston Red with large and reddish bulbs.
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Where can you buy Jerusalem artichoke and what is its price?

Topinambur can be bought at stalls (price - about PLN 3 / kg), in online stores (about PLN 6 / kg), as well as deli (about PLN 25 / kg).

Topinambur in the diet of people with phenylketonuria

Jerusalem artichoke can be included in the diet of patients with phenylketonuria, due to the lack of phenylalanine and tyrosine in the amino acid composition of this plant's protein.

Jerusalem artichoke juice for hemorrhoids and psoriasis

Juice obtained from tubers can be used in:

  • treatment of diseases of the large intestine,
  • treatment of hemorrhoids,
  • conjunctivitis, eyelid and skin inflammation
  • and in the treatment of psoriasis, ulcers and burns.

Jerusalem artichoke - use in the kitchen

Jerusalem artichoke tubers are juicy and have a delicate, sweet, nutty flavor, reminiscent of artichoke and Brazil nuts.

Tubers can be eaten after cooking, baking, blanching or frying, as well as raw, e.g. sliced. They are also an addition to salads. They can also be served marinated, pickled and baked with cheddar cheese.

In Italy and France, tubers are used in soups, crispy fries and crisps.

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