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The nutritional values ​​of goat's cheese are enormous, therefore goat's milk and cheeses deserve their triumphs. More and more often we choose them instead of cow's milk products. What are the properties and nutritional values ​​of goat cheeses that make them so he althy?

Goat cheesesare recommended for everyone who wants to eat he althy food. It is not without reason that dairy products occupy such an important place in a he althy diet.Goat's milkis so valuable, among other things, because goats are extremely he althy animals. According to scientists, they are better able to defend themselves against environmental pollution and certain diseases. They also have the ability to get rid of harmful elements from the body that can get into milk. All this makesgoat cheeseextremely he althy and easily digestible by the human body.

Goat cheese - nutritional values ​​

Goat cheeses have all the nutrients important for he alth. They contain a lot of protein, zinc, folic acid, B and A vitamins. They are a treasury of micronutrients, such as: calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, necessary for the construction of the skeleton, bones, muscles, brain and the proper functioning of the heart and kidneys. A glass of goat's milk supplies the body as much as 33 percent. the daily content of calcium, and 17 percent. daily protein content.
It is known for a long time that France is the home of cheeses. In Poland, we are just beginning to discover the advantages of these products and we are increasingly including them in our diet. A wide range of Frenchgoat cheeseis offered on the Polish market by the Merci Chef! Brand, known in the world for the highest quality products.

Who should eat goat cheese?

Everyone should reach for goat's cheese. Thanks to their properties, they are recommended both for young people who want to enjoy good condition, as well as for the elderly. According to scientists, goat products have a positive effect in diseases such as anemia, eczema, acute gastroenteritis, liver, bronchial and lung diseases, and asthma. Their regular consumption in various forms is a prophylaxis against heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases and lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Goat's cheese contains less lactose than cow's milk products, thanks to which they are better absorbed by people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Moreover, in goat cheesethere is less casein, which is the cause of allergy, so their consumption does not cause allergy symptoms.Goat's milkmay sometimes be used in place of cow's milk in formulas for infants who have difficulty digesting dairy products. They can be administered from 4 months of age. According to research, children who drink goat's milk systematically, instead of cow's milk, show greater immunity and are ill less often, and their bone and joint system develops much better.

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