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Goose lard is a fat that has been used not only in the kitchen. It is commonly believed that goose lard is he althy. It is used as a remedy for coughs, bronchitis, and even for the face, wrinkles. It also has other he alth properties, e.g. lowers cholesterol. Is goose lard he althy? Where to buy goose lard and what is its price?

Goose lardis lard made by melting goose fat. Supposedly, the most valuable is obtained from fat. Goose lard is used not only in the kitchen. It is widely believed that goose lard has numerous he alth benefits. Is goose lard really he althy?

Goose lard: he alth benefits

Goose lard is said to be a proven method of treating colds. If you have a runny nose and cough and your temperature is elevated, dissolve the goose lard with honey in hot milk and drink it before going to bed.

Grandmothers gave this mixture to people with a cold because it has warming properties. In folk medicine, pure goose lard is applied to the chest and back before going to bed. Then it warms you up and brings relief from persistent cough.

In folk medicine in bronchitis, dissolve a teaspoon of lard and honey in about half a glass of hot milk. The treatment of a respiratory disease consists in drinking such a warm mixture 1 to 3 times a day.

Apparently, goose lard is also effective in treating pain in the joints, hips and spine. Lard can be used externally, in the form of compresses, for rheumatic and joint pain, inflammation and some wounds.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support these healing properties of goose lard, so it is not recommended as a sole treatment method. In case of bronchitis, consult a doctor.

Goose lard: is it suitable for frying?

Iza Czajka, dietitian, author of books on a he althy lifestyle :

Goose lard, like butter, has a low melting point (and smoke as well). Sources say 25-40 degrees (butter melts at 23 degrees). The composition of fatty acids is more varied than that of lard. There are more poly and monounsaturated fatty acids. 100 g of goose lard contains about 30 gunsaturated fatty acids, half of the lard, which is why the latter is "better" for frying.

Goose lard is a well-known specific in folk medicine. Despite its many medicinal (unproven) properties, it is not a desirable dietary component. It is very caloric and, as clinical studies have shown, just like all animal fats, it contributes to the development of civilization diseases.

Goose lard: effects on cholesterol

Supposedlygoose lardlowers blood cholesterol. Meanwhile, there is no scientific research on these and other he alth benefits of this fat. It is a fact that, compared to other meat, goose has a much more favorable fat composition, so much more mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids.

However, the overall content of fat and saturated fat in goose meat is so high that it cannot be treated as a source of unsaturated fats beneficial to he alth. Geese enthusiasts are advised to eat this poultry occasionally. Better to give up lard at all.

Goose lard: application

Goose lard is consumed mostly cold, e.g. in bread, without any additives. Goose lard can also be prepared with apple, marjoram and onion.

Please note that this fat is not suitable for frying!

A 300 ml jar of goose lard costs about PLN 120-15. Prices vary depending on the store.

Goose lard: how to make delicious homemade lard?

Source: Gotować

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