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Who knows what goose tastes like? Well, we only know that it is fatty, and therefore unhe althy meat. And yet the Polish oat goose is an aristocracy among poultry. It is appreciated by foreign gourmets. It is worth it to appear on our tables from time to time. A Polish tradition is the roasted goose with apples. How else can goose meat be served?

Gooserarely guests on Polish tables, which is a pity, because we used to eat it from St. Martin, through Christmas (necessarily for the New Year), until the end of the winter carnival.Baked goose with appleswas no delicacy.

Although Poland is the largest producer of goose meat in Europe, there is only 17 g geese per year for an average Pole. Almost all production goes to the German market! Therefore, it should not be surprising that all the inscriptions on the foil packaging are in German available in Polish stores (usually frozen carcasses).

There are many species of domestic geese, among them the white Kołuda goose - the only indigenous Polish variety comes from Kołuda Wielka near Inowrocław in the Kujawy region. It is called oat goose - it is fed almost exclusively with green fodder, and for the last three weeks it gets only oats.

Goose: nutritional values ​​

Goose meat is the most caloric poultry. 100 g of goose meat contains 339 kcal. For comparison: turkey has only 129 kcal in 100 g, chicken - 158 kcal.

However, compared to other types of poultry, goose has a more favorable fat composition. It is rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including much more heart-beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids compared to turkey or chicken meat.

You can get 1 liter of lard from a goose carcass weighing 6 kg. It's pure fat. Goose lard has a low melting point, which makes it easily digestible, and at the same time, it should not be fried on it.

Rendered goose lard is appreciated by folk medicine. For infections of the upper respiratory tract, it is recommended to drink a mixture of a teaspoon of warm lard and a teaspoon of honey dissolved in 1/2 cup of warm milk. Lard ointment with castor oil has a warming effect, you can rub it on the chest with a cold and aching joints. Also read : Goose lard - properties and application.

Goose meat: why do nutritionists recommend it?

Agnieszka Nowak, dietitian:Goose meat is rich in wholesome protein and unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are so important for our he alth. These acids influence, among others to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, and to increase the good cholesterol (HDL), they also support the work of the brain. Therefore, goose meat is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

It is also worth appreciating that goose meat provides:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E
  • B vitamins - especially niacin
  • potassium
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • zinc

Some studies also indicate a positive effect of goose meat on well-being and mood disorders, and goose fat is considered an aphrodisiac.

It is also worth noting that the ecological method of breeding ensures the lack of artificial colors and chemicals in the meat.

Goose: 11 proven RECIPES for goose dishes

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Goose should be eaten traditionally, on November 11, but much more often because it is tasty and he althy

Goose, or rather goose meat, is poultry that we prepare far too rarely. It is a pity, because it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of goose meat - both the taste and he alth benefits. Geese are birds that are not suitable for industrial breeding, so their meat is not poisoned with antibiotics and unsuitable fodder.


Goose meat: how to bake a goose?

The most delicious meat is from young pieces, weighing 3-4 kg. Older geese are more fat.

Roast goose is often stuffed with apples or pears, as well as buckwheat or prunes. These fruits and groats match the aroma of this meat. Like many spices such as:

  • marjoram
  • ground cumin
  • rosemary
  • jułowiec
  • ginger

Before baking, it is soaked for 2-3 hours in cold water. After rubbing with spices, it is also good to put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. It is best to bake it in a roasting pan with a grill - then the fat will drip down. During baking, pour the melting fat, broth or wine over the carcass. Sprinkle the baked goose with cold water and keep it in the oven for a few more minutes - then the skin will be brittle.

Goose meat: not only baking

Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczowa recommends braised goose livers with shallots and sliced ​​apples. Goose meat is also great for pates, and forthe wings and neck (cut them off for baking), you can either cook a barley soup or prepare a stuffed goose neck. Old Polish cuisine was also famous for geese - cured and smoked boneless goose breast, trimmed with goose crusts.

Goose meat: what is foie gras?

This is a delicacy of French cuisine. In order for the liver to be fatty, geese must be force-fed for several weeks - about 1 kg of corn are forced into them 3 times a day through a tube inserted directly into the stomach. In this way, the overfed liver, which normally weighs about 30 grams, reaches even 2.5 kg. After a long battle in Poland, since 2000, such fattening of geese was banned. But in France, foie gras and the Strasbourg pate are still made from it is still a national dish.

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