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White sausage can be baked, however, on the Easter table, a white sausage appears that is cooked, or basically steamed. How much time to cook white sausage? How to make white sausage to be tender and juicy? Check how much kcal the white sausage has, whether it is he althy and how to choose a good quality white sausage.

White sausageis made of beef and pork combined with natural spices such as garlic, marjoram, black and white pepper and table s alt.

How are white sausages made?In the white sausage production process, pork and beef are first shredded. The next step is to cut the meat with the addition of ice, garlic, white and black pepper until a homogeneous, well-bound mass is obtained, with a temperature not higher than 15 degrees Celsius. Next, the comminuted raw materials with the addition of marjoram are vacuum mixed until the ingredients are evenly distributed and a uniform mass of appropriate consistency and stickiness is obtained .¹ The last two stages of sausage production are filling and stuffing the pig intestines with the mixed mass and cooling to the appropriate temperature.


  1. White sausage - why is it white?
  2. White sausage - calories, nutritional values ​​
  3. White sausage - how to recognize a good quality one?
  4. White sausage - use in the kitchen
  5. White sausage - which one to buy?

White sausage - why is it white?

The color of raw white sausage is the color of a natural gut with the ingredients of the stuffing visible through it. The color of the cross-section is the color appropriate for the raw materials used. The color of the meat is slightly pink, the fat is white, and after scalding, the meat turns gray.

White sausage is known to be raw, cured, steamed or grilled.

The white sausage will be the tastiest when the pot with the sausage is turned off when the water has barely started to boil. From now on, the covered sausage should brew for 20 to 30 minutes.

If the rind is transparent at the beginning, the indicator of the finished sausage will be the time it turns white. A good tip: to keep the white sausage from bursting, it is a good idea to prick each piece before putting it in the pot.

Worth knowing

White sausage - calories,nutritional value (in 100 g) 100 g of white sausage is 275 kcal

  • Total protein - 14.37 g
  • Fat - 23.62 g

- saturated fatty acids - 7,855 g - polyunsaturated fatty acids - 3,001 g - monounsaturated fatty acids - 10,469 g

  • Carbohydrates - 0.21 g
  • Fiber - 0.1 g
  • Cholesterol - 63mg
  • Sodium - 482 mg


White sausage: What is its composition? What is it made of? [TO VIDEO]

White sausage - how to recognize a good quality one?

A real white sausage should be gray after scalding. If you notice that the white sausage is slightly pink, it means that preservatives, e.g. pickling s alt, have been added to it.

After steaming, the white sausage is juicy with a noticeable aftertaste of the spices used in its production. If you can touch the white sausage, check to see if the dent in it stays for longer. Yes? This may indicate a high water content in the sausage.

When you put a low-quality white sausage on the plate, water and fat spurt out of it when you put a fork in it. A real white sausage hardly lets out any water when cut.

A lot of s alt is poured into cheap sausage, cheap meat is put in and hot fat and water are pumped into the tripe. A good sausage is twice as expensive, but its taste exceeds the cheap one many times.

The white store sausage is mostly meat, but you can also find many undesirable ingredients in it, such as stabilizers E451 (I, II), E450 (III, V), m altodextrin, acidity regulator: sodium acetate , citric acid, sodium citrate, antioxidants E315, E316, flavor enhancer E621, preservative E250.

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White sausage - use in the kitchen

White steamed sausage is associated like no other with Easter. Easter table without white assausages say "it's like a fish without a head" .² The white sausage is most often added to sour rye soup or horseradish soup with egg.

White sausage also tastes good in beer. This is one of the most traditional Easter delicacies.

The taste of the sausage proteins can be enhanced with red onion jam.

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