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Ground cutlets are one of the most popular Polish dishes. However, few people know what nutritional values ​​are minced cutlets and how many calories they have. Check which meat is best for minced cutlets - turkey, maybe pork or beef - and are the minced cutlets he althy?

Minced cutletsis properly formed and fried minced meat (e.g. turkey) with various additives (e.g. mushrooms, cheese). Traditional minced cutlets are coated in breadcrumbs, fried and most often served with potatoes and beetroot.


  1. Minced cutlets - composition. What is the ground cutlet made of?
  2. Minced cutlets - what kind of meat should you choose for minced cutlets?
  3. Minced cutlets - calories, nutritional values ​​of minced meat
  4. Minced cutlets in the world
  5. Minced cutlets in the diet version

Minced cutlets - composition. What is the ground cutlet made of?

What do traditionalmince cutlets consist of ? From minced meat, eggs (it binds the meat mass), a wheat roll previously soaked in water or milk (this addition ensures the bulk and proper consistency of the mass), finely chopped and fried in oil, s alt and pepper. Some people also season their meat with marjoram and garlic. Meat with additions is formed into oval, slightly flattened cutlets, coated in breadcrumbs and fried in not too deep, hot oil on both sides until browning.

The 80g ground cutlet prepared in this way delivers:

  • 198 kcal
  • 15.6 g protein
  • 14.2 g fat
  • 4.7 g carbohydrate

Minced cutlets - what kind of meat should you choose for minced cutlets?

The key to delicious mincemeat is the right meat. It must not be too lean (e.g. from turkey breast only), because the cutlets will be too hard and dry. It is best when minced meat contains 2 parts of lean meat for one part of fatty meat. Fat is responsible for the softness and plumpness of the cutlets and makes them stick better and do not fall apart in the pan, and they are ready to be juicy. Good connections are:

  • pork neck and pork ham
  • shoulder and ham
  • shoulder and poultry
  • shoulder and lean beef

Beef alone does not always work well as the meat can be too tough.You can prepare minced meat yourself by grinding it at home from pieces bought at a butcher's shop, ask for mincing in a shop, or buy ready-made minced meat in trays or in vacuum packs. We can be most sure of the quality of meat by grinding it ourselves or in a shop.

Good minced meat is braided rather than a solid mass. It is not dried out, it is not blurred and it does not let go of water. It has a pink color. Avoid minced meat, which is grayish and shimmers rainbow-colored. This means it is not fresh.

You have to be more careful when buying ready-made meat, which doesn't mean that you can't buy good minced meat. Pay attention to the name. If the word "minced meat" appears on the packaging, we can be almost sure that we are buying the highest quality product. Almost, because the controls of the Trade Inspection usually show cases of adulteration of sold products. Placing the slogan "minced meat" on the finished product obliges the producer to sell the product which contains at least 99% meat and less than 1% s alt.

It is different when we buy:

  • "delicatessen meat"
  • "luncheon"
  • "meat for meatballs"
  • "tartar meat"

In this case, the manufacturer is no longer bound by the standards and can sell the product with the addition of water, leather, vegetable protein and other fillers, collagen, preservatives and antioxidants. Additives can constitute even several dozen percent of the composition, and luncheon meat is available in stores, which contain less than 50% meat. Soybean fiber, pea fiber and potato flour are binders that keep water added to the product to increase its weight. The addition of water forces the use of preservatives and antioxidants, because water is a breeding ground for bacteria, so the meat will go bad faster.

Worth knowing

Minced cutlets - calories, nutritional values ​​of minced meat

Minced beef (90% meat, 10% fat) fried in a pan without fat - nutritional values ​​per 100 g

Energy - 204 kcal Total protein - 25.21 g Fat - 10.68 g Carbohydrates - 0.00 g Fiber - 0.0 gVitaminsThiamine - 0.043 mg Riboflavin - 0.177 mg Niacin - 6.027 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.379 mg Folic acid - 8 μg Vitamin A - 3 IU Vitamin E - 0.13 mg Vitamin D - 2 I Vitamin K - 1.1 µgMineralsCalcium - 15 mg Iron - 2.77 mg Magnesium - 23 mg Phosphorus - 216 mg Potassium - 363 mg Sodium - 75 mg Zinc - 6.33 mg

Fatty acids

saturated - 4.189 g monounsaturated - 4.473 g polyunsaturated - 0.381 g trans fat - 0.397 gcholesterol - 84 mgSourcedata: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Minced cutlets in the world

We know and like minced cutlets in Poland, but we are not the only food that makes them. In the cuisines of the world, minced cutlets come in many varieties:

The minced pork cutlet known throughout Poland in Silesia is called carminade, and in Małopolska - schnitzel.

  • American burgers - those made of ground beef without an egg and rolls prepared on a grill or grill pan in the form of flat, round cutlets
  • Croatian cevapcici - with a lot of onion and spices, they are served as oblong patties on a skewer stick, baked in the oven or oven
  • Greek keftedes - they are prepared from beef and lamb, seasoned with mint, dipped in flour and fried in a pan
  • Greek bifteki - beef-based stuffed with feta cheese baked in the oven
  • Lebanese kebbes, where the bun is replaced with a bulgur. They can be made from minced mutton, fish, pumpkin or potatoes
  • Lebanese kafty - these are baked flat mutton cutlets with parsley and onion
  • Turkish beef, lamb or pork kefta with onion and ginger

The secret of perfect ground [TOWIDEO]

Minced cutlets in the diet version

In order for the minced cutlets to be dietary, they should be prepared from lean meat, such as turkey. To do this, you will need: ground turkey leg, water, garlic, onion, a handful of fresh coriander, mint and parsley, chili, cinnamon, cumin, s alt and pepper, and olive oil.

Add chopped vegetables and chopped herbs to the meat mixed with water. When the meat is mixed, make chops and fry it. Bake in a Teflon pan without fat on both sides until golden brown. Chops can also be baked in an oven or cooked in a steamer.

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