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Which thermometer should I choose for a child and for an adult? What are the types of thermometers? The variety of temperature measuring instruments can make you feel dizzy. What to consider when choosing a thermometer? Which one will be the most appropriate?

Modernthermometersare nothing like the traditional mercury thermometers that have already been phased out. The EU directive from 2007 banned their production due to the harmful effects of mercury on humans and the environment. The new thermometers are not only ecological, but also much more practical. There is no fear that they will break, most of them are waterproof, they have large displays that allow you to read the result precisely, and most importantly - the temperature measurement takes a few seconds.


  1. Electronic thermometers
  2. Non-contact electronic thermometers
  3. Nipple thermometers (nipple with thermometer)
  4. Strip thermometers
  5. Mercury-free glass thermometers
  6. Which thermometer should I choose for my baby?

Electronic thermometers

They are the most popular. You can choose from traditional models (for measuring the temperature in the armpit, mouth or rectum) and those measuring in the ear or forehead. They are suitable for both adults and children (for them it is best to choose a model with a flexible tip). The measurement result is obtained within a few seconds to 5 minutes, with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C. Their advantage is the low price - the armpit version costs about PLN 20. Due to the low price, it is sometimes poorly made, quickly breaks down, wears out, and loses its precision with time.

The result on the thermometer is influenced by the place to which we apply it. The temperature measured in the ear will be approximately 0.5 ° C higher, and in the anus even 1 ° C higher than in the armpit.

Non-contact electronic thermometers

Electronic non-contact (sensory) thermometers are currently the most modern devices available. They use infrared to measure temperature and, as the name suggests, they do not need body contact to measure. To obtain the result, it is enough to bring the thermometer closer to the forehead or other part of the body at a distance of several to several centimeters. The accuracy of such a test is within the range of ± 0.1 ° C to ± 0.01 ° C. Thermometers of this type are especially recommended for parents of young children.

Their use is extremely hygienic and comfortable for the child - the measurement is obtained within a second and the child will not even notice what is happening. Such a thermometer also has other useful functions. In addition to body temperature, it will measure the temperature of food, baths and air. The disadvantage is the high price - from 150 to 300 PLN.

Nipple thermometers (nipple with thermometer)

It is especially recommended for mobile newborns. It is small, handy and theoretically comfortable. The battery lasts 100 hours of work, unfortunately it cannot be charged or replaced. It does not contain bisphenol A, only tasteless and odorless silicone. By using it, you can measure the temperature of your sleeping baby. The shape of the nipple does not adversely affect the palate and gums. The price of this product is about PLN 40.

There are also other disadvantages - some babies do not use a pacifier at all, so the measurement may be difficult. After a year, it is difficult to use it, because the baby grows out of the teats. In addition, it is necessary to clean the teat and the device must be completely disassembled. You cannot take the temperature correctly if your child has had a hot or cold drink in the last 30 minutes.

Strip thermometers

They are intended to determine the approximate body temperature. We stick the strip over the eyebrow ridge and after about 15 seconds we get the result. However, remember that it is not very accurate. The reading consists in analyzing the color of the strip and comparing it with the template. However, the coloration can be different and difficult to judge. Recommended for checking if the temperature is raised, not for a specific reading of it. Price - approx. PLN 10.

Mercury-free glass thermometers

They look like the discontinued ones, mercury, but this harmful substance has been replaced with other, safer ones (mainly alcohol). This type of thermometer is not recommended for children due to the glass housing and long measurement time (more than 5 minutes). The advantage is the low price - about PLN 5. Due to the glass housing, it is not recommended for children, the long measurement time (more than 5 minutes), which is important, the measurement is not as accurate as in the case of newer, electronic models.

Which thermometer should I choose for my baby?

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