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Gut is the same disease as stomach flu. The infection is caused by the same viruses and manifests itself in the same way. The intestine has extremely unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, it usually passes quickly and does not often cause complications. How to deal with an intestine? How do you survive the bowel flu?

Jelitówka,or stomach flu, is a viral infection of the digestive system.Bowel symptomsare caused by an attack of extremely virulent viruses - rotaviruses, sometimes noroviruses or adenoviruses. They penetrate the intestinal mucosa and destroy it, causing very unpleasant symptoms.

Jelitówka - symptoms

  • diarrhea - the most characteristic symptom of intestinal flu is profuse watery diarrhea, usually lasting 2-3 days, but in some cases it can last up to 9 days
  • nausea and vomiting are also common
  • bowel disease may also be accompanied by a fever, sometimes very high, over 39 degrees C

Symptomsintestinesappear suddenly and are usually turbulent. The patient feels extremely weakened, even exhausted.

Jelitówka - how to treat bowel symptoms?

There is no cure for the intestines (stomach flu). Relieve symptoms, replenish fluids, and maintain an exceptional hygiene regime at home.Jelitówkais very contagious. It is spread mainly through dirty hands and by airborne droplets. Therefore, wash your hands frequently.

When the sick person is at home - after every contact with him, touching objects he uses, after cleaning sanitary facilities. In addition, you should always wash your hands: when you return home, after leaving the toilet, before preparing food. When ill at home, sanitary facilities should be washed much more often (the ideal would be each time a person uses the toilet, washbasin or bathtub). It is also worth wiping the handles of the telephone handset and the computer keyboard or remote control.

A person suffering from bowel disease infects a few days before the onset, during the illness and for a few days after the symptoms disappear.

What to do in order not to get infected with the intestine?

Symptomsintestines , although they usually do not last more than a few days, are so unpleasant that it is worth trying to avoid the disease. The task is not easy, because the rotaviruses cause most infectionsviral digestive tract are very contagious. In avoidingbowelit is very important to stay fit and eat a good diet to increase overall immunity. Frequent hand washing is equally important. It is also worth knowing that the sick person infects for a few days before the onset, during the disease and for a few days after the symptoms disappear.

Complete recovery occurs not only when the body fights the infection, but when the infected cells of the intestinal mucosa peel off. Therefore, a strict hygiene regime at home should be followed for several days after the symptoms have subsided. And prophylactically, you should always flush the toilet with the lid of the toilet seat closed.

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