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Pain in the tibia (shinbone) when running or walking can have different causes. They may be responsible for it, for example, walking in high heels or the so-called flip-flops. However, tibial pain most often affects runners. Then the pain may be caused by training errors and more. Find out what pain in the tibia means.

Shin (tibia) painthat occurswhile runningorwhile walking, may have a variety ofreasons . Pain in the front of the lower leg may be caused by poorly fitting shoes or a serious medical condition. Pain in the front of the lower leg may affect anyone, but the most frequent complaints are runners.

Pain in the tibia - causes. Badly matched shoes

The cause of the pain in the tibia may be poorly chosen shoes - too small, too tight. People who walk in the so-called flip-flops (this type of footwear disrupts the gait pattern), as well as women who wear high-heeled shoes (high heels shorten the Achilles tendon, which may cause pain in the tibia).

Pain in the tibia - causes. Errors during training

Behindpain in the front of the lower legmay also correspond to errors during training:

  • no warm-up before training
  • no breaks during training
  • no time to recover after training
  • running on hard surfaces
  • incorrect running technique, and thus - overload of the tibial muscle
  • training despite unhealed injuries

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Pain in the tibia - causes. Shin splints

Shin splintsstands formedial tibial stress syndrome - MTSS. This is where pain occurs, accompanied by swelling. Initially, pain symptoms appear during or after training. They are more intense the next morning and worsen with walking. People who make mistakes during training (they train despite unhealed injuries, without warming up, with too much load) are exposed to shin splints, they have a flattened longitudinal archfeet.

Pain in the tibia - causes. Fascial Compartment Syndrome

Fascial compartment syndrome, specifically the acute compartment syndrome (fascia is the membrane that surrounds the muscles. It divides the shin spaces into four compartments). Then the following appear:

  • increasing pain (most often in the anterolateral part of the tibia)
  • joint contracture
  • muscle weakness
  • hard swelling

Pain in the tibia - causes. Fatigue fracture of the tibia

A fatigue fracture is the result of minor, but often repeated, microtrauma to the bone. The risk of developing a tibia fatigue fracture is greatest in runners who train inappropriately, ie, training without warming up, training too often, for long periods, or with excessive strain. A fatigue fracture of the tibia is indicated by:

  • tibia pain (usually in the lower part) that lasts for several days despite injuries
  • palpable thickening on the bone

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