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Mothers have always warned their daughters that men only mean one thing and … they are usually right. Sexual needs in men appear much earlier than in women and are more important to them. On the other hand, male libido decreases after the age of 30.

Men wantsex , women relationship. For us, physical love is a complement to a feeling, for a man it is usually easier to separate these two spheres.
It is testosterone that makes men more sexually active than us. The greater its amount, the greatersexual needs.And because a man's high testosterone level remains until the age of 30, then it drops,libidoof Mr. the forty-year-old fits the temperament of a still unawakened twenty-year-old.
Men prefer to make love by the light, because their most important sense is their eyesight. For women, sensations perceived through smell, touch, hearing are exciting, and visual distractions.
A woman suspects that her partner is cheating on her when he refuses to talk to her. A man has such suspicions when she does not want to make love to him. Sex so conditions a happy life for men that without it they become glum and bitter. Women rarely experience it.



  • prefer blue to red
  • has better hearing and better visual memory
  • remembers a lot of random information
  • prefers to solve practical problems
  • is sensitive to sensual stimuli, more emotional
  • has intuition, notices subtle changes in the environment and draws correct conclusions from them
  • easily recognizes characters
  • is more sensitive, caring, willing to help others


  • prefers red to blue
  • has a sense of perspective, knows the field better
  • remembers information that has a specific meaning better
  • tends to think abstractly
  • it has a well-developed spatial imagination
  • needs competition
  • has divisible attention
  • is frugal in words, receives factual information
  • has more self-confidence, self-esteem
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